Explore some fun and useful dad hacks with Justin Pasutto


There are only so many hours in a day and Justin reveals how to make the most of them while caring for your baby. I previously wrote about Justin and his love for smart home products. Watch the video above and you’ll learn a bit more about his daily routine, and learn some helpful tips you can use in your own life.

Fitness hack to keep your body toned 

Parenting can be a workout in many ways. Justin shows a few ways to use that to your advantage. You may not have a lot of time to visit a gym after a baby arrives, but don’t let that stop you from toning specific muscle groups.

In the video you can see Justin lifting the Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat with his son in the seat. I think this is brilliant! Do this each day for a progressively challenging workout. Unlike free-weights, your child will get bigger, and heavier. Your workout will naturally become more intense, and you will become more fit as a result.

We only get a few glances at the different moves that Justin incorporates into his “workout.” I think Justin and Leo should do a full 30 minute fitness video! Don’t you agree?

Think ahead to stay productive and positive

One of my favourite things about this video is Justin’s attitude. Even when his attempts to be productive don’t work, he is smiling and enjoying his time with Leo. I suspect that his “Dad Hack #2: taking baby to meetings” would not go over well for most of us. If possible, however, then go for it. I agree with Justin, that a diaper change would put an end to the meeting pretty quickly!

Justin’s 3rd hack, however, is even more risky. He feeds Leo a big lunch, then rocks him to sleep in a Kidaway Anna Swivel Glider. If it was me, I would probably have lunch at the same time as my child, then be just as susceptible of drifting off to dream land in that comfortable reclining chair!

Dad hacks with justin



My favourite part of the video is when the Motorola video baby monitor reveals that Leo is awake, which interrupts Justin’s “productive” time. How does Justin react? He genuinely looks happy to rock, and spend time with his energetic son. One thing that is true about parenting: sometimes you just have to enjoy it, no matter how the day goes.






Let us know your favourite parenting tips in a comment below, and check out the great selection of baby products at Best Buy.

Photos of Justin and his home courtesy of Lauren Mills.

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