CES 2022 Dell Seamless Worke Experience

There are plenty of new devices on display at the Consumer Electronics Show that you’ll be able to run out and buy soon, if not immediately. However, the annual event is also an opportunity for companies to explore new concepts and futuristic technology. That’s what Dell is doing at CES 2022 with its “seamless work experience.” Concept Flow, Concept Pari, and Concept Stanza are futuristic takes on the future of work—a hybrid workplace made better. This goes beyond the basics of having a laptop and the ability to call into a Zoom video meeting.

We’ve all learned a lot about the hybrid workplace during the pandemic, including the pain points. Dell engineers went with the concept that “seamless transitions between devices and locations will set the foundation for great hybrid work experiences.” Here’s what they came up with.

Concept Flow

Concept Flow is basically the ultimate docking station for hybrid workers. With many staff working in-office just a day or two a week, there will be a lot of hot-desking, where employees work at whatever desk happens to be available when they arrive.

CES 2022 Dell Seamless Worke Experience

The idea of Concept Flow is that wherever you end up working, you simply set your laptop down on the desk and magic happens. The laptop begins to charge. A keyboard and mouse connect. A large external display comes to life. You’re logged into a Wi-Fi 6E network. Everything is automatic, and wireless. The instant you set that laptop down and take a seat (or stand), you’re ready to start working. When you leave, you’re automatically logged out of everything. The desk and accessories are now ready for the next person.

CES 2022 Dell Seamless Worke ExperienceConcept Pari

Concept Pari is probably my favourite of the three. It not only addresses a huge pain point for many current hybrid and remote workers (and learners), this is a product that could easily see the light of day. It’s a webcam.

However, Concept Pari is not just any webcam. It’s tiny, wireless, and can be placed virtually anywhere, including magnetic attachment to compatible monitors. It includes an integrated microphone. Audio and 1080p video is transmitted via Wi-Fi. Alignment indicators ensure you have it straight, but the tiny and wireless form factor means the Concept Pari webcam can be placed practically anywhere for the perfect angle, and to make virtual eye contact possible. You could even pick it up and pan around to share an offscreen view. It would also include a wireless charge dock. 

CES 2022 Dell Seamless Worke ExperienceConcept Stanza

Many of us use our tablets for scrawling notes using a stylus. Some people do the same thing on a Windows laptop with Inking. 

Dell’s Concept Stanza is an extreme simplification of digital note-taking. It’s a tablet or slate with an 11-inch display and a stylus. Its sole purpose is taking notes. So no web browser, no camera, no speakers. Pick up the stylus, take notes and diagram. When you’re ready, double-tap and the notes are converted to text and shared with your devices.

Everything you need to know about CES 2022

Technology like the Dell Concept Stanza may not be available today, but many of the advanced products announced at CES 2022 is coming very soon. Catch up on everything you may have missed—from the latest mobile PC processors to the cutting edge of smart home innovation—right here.

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