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Learning New TV Tech: Home Theatre & Audio Advances

Learning about the best way technology can help improve your home theatre experience? Here's everything you need to know about advances in audio.

Learning New TV Tech: MicroLED, OLED and 8K

This guide will compare MicroLED and OLED technologies and let you know when to expect mLED technology to hit the market.

Learning New TV Tech: What is MicroLED TV technology?

You're about to start hearing more about this new TV technology. What is MicroLED and what can it do, and when will it hit the market?

Learning New TV Tech: The REAL reasons you need a sound bar for your...

The real reasons you need a sound bar: with today's Wallpaper TVs & Frame flat TVs you can't get proper audio from internal speakers. Here's what to know...

Learning New TV Tech: All about 4K

Wondering about 4K TV & if you should invest in it? Is the video quality really that much better? Read our primer: everything you need to know about 4KTV

Learning New TV Tech: All About HDMI inputs

HDMI ports may not be the sexiest topic, but these little guys enable you to connect nearly everything—from your videogame console to streaming device—to your TV, allowing your entertainment centre to expand with one simple cord. Here I will take a closer look at HDMI, how many ports your TV needs and more.

Learning New TV Tech: All about 3D TV

Do you enjoy the latest cinematic trend of 3D movies? Want to bring that experience into your home, but don’t know a lot about the technology? Well, sit back, grab some snacks and get ready, ‘cause we’re coming right at you with all you need to know about 3D TV.

Learning New TV Tech: All about Smart TVs & Streaming

Whether you’re investing in a new TV, or looking to upgrade the one you have, smart TV interfaces are becoming both more available and more popular. Smart TVs and Streaming Devices allow you to do many things that previously were only available on a computer or a special external device. Which one will be right for you? Read on to learn more.

Learning New TV Tech: All about Curved Screens

Curved screens are increasingly becoming an option for people in the market for a new TV.  But what’s the idea behind a curved screen, and what are the benefits? Are there any down sides? Find out why these new TVs are gaining in popularity.

Learning New TV Tech: The best new features

What makes a great TV, well … great? It may seem hard to quantify what contributes to a really good video-watching experience, since “the screen just looks cool!” is what many people say when asked to explain what’s so awesome about their new TV. But there are several new and “new-ish” features on today’s flat screen TVs that contribute to that feeling of awe you get standing in front of a brand new screen. Click to take a look.

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