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SmartCompanion GPS Tracker Overview

SmartCompanion GPS Tracker Overview


SmartCompanion, the easy-to-use personal GPS tracker, will always let you know where your children or elderly are, and it will notify you on their status according to your preset preferences.  Whether you want to make sure your kid makes it safe to school or a friend’s place or you want to provide a sense of security to your older relatives, SmartCompanion can help you keep in contact with what’s most important to you. Parents can now get peace-of-mind while tracking their kids. Travellers can ensure that people back home know where they are if they get lost in an unknown destination.

This portable GPS tracker works alongside the iOS or Android app right on your smartphone, tracking and following items or individuals via the cellular network. It will notify you through the app of the tracker’s location, so you never have to worry about losing something, or someone. You can create up to 8 safety zones, and will get notified whenever your device (and loved ones) leaves or enters one of the preset perimeters.


No matter where you are in the world, the SmartCompanion GPS Tracker can track you or others as long as there’s wireless coverage. Thanks to its built-in SIM card, your SmartCompanion will jump on any network available—worldwide.

It also offers long battery life—your SmartCompanion will run for up to 20 hours in active mode or 180 hours in standby, and it’s easily rechargeable via its USB cable. It’s also water-resistant (IP65) and can operate under any temperature, so the elements are no match for the device.


With the user-friendly app, you can keep track of the SmartCompanion’s whereabouts at any time, including features like a speeding alert should a thief run off with your travel bag, for example.

With a rugged design, the SmartCompanion can handle getting tossed around in luggage at the airport or while hiking up the mountains.

Features like geofencing allow you to set up to 8 security perimeters in which the device can move. If a child or elderly person moves out of that perimeter, such as a backyard or nursing home, you will be alerted. Likewise, if they move within the perimeter, like a child coming home from school, you’ll also be made aware in real-time. 

There’s also a safety feature whereby the device can notify others in case of an emergency. You can easily adjust the preferences to your liking and share your account.


With the handy man down feature, you will know if someone has taken a fall. SmartCompanion will play an audible sound for 20 seconds, giving you or the actual user of the GPS Tracker a chance to cancel the signal using the convenient SOS button. It will then notify emergency contacts in real-time so they can send help or come check on things.

Whether it’s the elderly, ill, children, or others with whom you want to monitor for safety reasons, the man down feature can offer tremendous peace-of-mind for loved ones.


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  1. I purchased this device and after a hard time I finlly got it activated. I had to pay $149. for a years subscription. It worked awesome for 2 days but now will not refresh. I have send numerous e-mails to the contact but have yet to hear back from them. I can’t even return it now without being out the money it cost me to pay for the yearly subscription.

    • Hi Madonna,

      I have sent your comment to the team at Best Buy who handles this type of tech.

      Best regards,

  2. This company is the worst

    Do not buy any of there products, It is impossible to reach anyone, when you finally do reach someone, Only way of contact is through the bestbuy website?!!!

    When you finally do get a hold of someone, they tell you to return it?

    0/5 stars

  3. I have tried to contact this company for 1 week to activate the device,

    They will not respond to my emails

    I have no other way to contact them?????

    • Hi Tom

      I sent your question to the team at Best Buy’s head office that handles this type of tech. I’ll let you know when I get a response.

      take care,

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