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I am a mom of two boys who loves reading and trail runs. I am passionate about health, fitness and food and write about these topics and more on my personal blog www.organicfitnesstips.net.

Air conditioning 101

portable air conditioner in kitchen
Summer is just around the corner, and if you live on the West Coast, it already feels like it has arrived. If you keep it cool inside you have a great escape when you need a break from the heat outside, so a great air conditioner is a must. But with the varieties of air conditioners on the market today and all those BTU’s to choose from, buying one can be tricky. Read on to help you learn which one will work best for your home.

Revive your kitchen for summer

Summer is the perfect time to revive your kitchen with a new coat of paint, new appliances or some colourful accessories.  Read on for tips on how you can revive your kitchen this summer.

Review: Great meals made fast or slow with the Breville Fast Slow Cooker

When I was asked to try out the Breville Fast Slow Cooker I couldn’t wait. There is a sense of accomplishment I feel when I am extremely organized and think to put dinner in the slow cooker in the morning so dinner is ready when we get home at the end of a long day. Any busy family will love this appliance since it can make a whole meal in one pot with easy clean up.  

Review: You’ll never buy pasta again when you have the Phillips Pasta Maker

There is something about pasta that’s comfort food to me, especially in a cream sauce with mushrooms and asparagus. Pasta is a family favourite at my house, and because it’s my go to for entertaining and so easy to make on a busy night, I make it often. Fresh pasta is better than store bought pasta any day, so when given the opportunity to test the Phillips Pasta Maker, I was all in.

Lego: a toy that grows with your children

Lego has to be one of the best toys available for kids, and it’s a toy that grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Both my sons have always played with some form of Lego, and now at 9 and 14 they enjoy a lot of the older Lego themed sets like Technic and Mindstorms. I had a chance to try the new LEGO Pirates so I thought it would be great to look at some of our favourite sets, old and new.  

Tips to help you buy the perfect cell phone for your mom

I knew it was time to buy my mom a cell phone when I couldn’t get a hold of her when I had a question and needed advice. To buy the perfect phone for her, I had to figure out exactly what she would like and dislike in a phone, and as I discovered, it was completely different from what I liked.  

Upgrade the fun on your iPad with Osmo

In the last couple of years, iPads have become such a popular tool and toy for kids, and there are so many apps now available for fun, learning and gaming. For even more fun, there are interactive apps with gaming accessories like Osmo.

Shelly’s Friday Favorites does Spring BBQing

      Spring is finally here, and on the West coast we’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather earlier than usual, so my mind has already turned to BBQ season. I know I’m not the only one out there grilling early this year because I can smell the all too familiar BBQ smell coming from my neighbours as well.

Review: National Geographic Laser Pegs sets are fun for everyone

As a big sister to two brothers, then an Auntie to a nephew, then a mom to two boys, I have my fair share of experience with building blocks and sets. I am a huge National Geographic fan as well, from their magazine to their shows on t.v. So when I was given the chance to review National Geographic Laser Pegs I was pretty excited.    

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