Sonance designs its speakers to provide great sound without sacrificing the design of your home or business. Whether they’re being placed indoors or outside, there are different speaker choices to complement any décor or room of the home or office, blending seamlessly with the environment so you won’t even know they’re there until you’re ready to immerse yourself in music.

The speakers, made for those who place high value on home design and aesthetics, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are paintable to match your wall, ceiling, or wherever they are being placed. Sonance speakers will complement your home’s décor instead of standing out within it.

The idea behind Sonance speakers is to provide comfortable listening enjoyment in a room, home, or business without struggling to make them fit in with your design ideas.


Sonance speakers are designed to be hidden away flush in the wall or ceiling, or mounted, so that you won’t even know they’re there. They blend in or completely disappear into the space, allowing your original design ideas to shine through as the priority. Instead of creating a design around big, bulky speakers, you can easily integrate speakers into your preferred design.

Featuring low-profile, one-piece paintable grilles that are easy to paint in a single step, Sonance speakers are easy to colour match to your wall or ceiling. This makes them disappear into their surroundings as they become part of it.

The result? Sound that you can hear but that’s hidden visually. You can focus on enjoying the audio in a room with the ambiance that was intended.


When designing a home, lighting is a big part of it. And with Sonance speakers, you can choose ones that match with your lighting in order to maintain a level of visual consistency. For example, with in-ceiling speakers, they usually reside in the same space as the ceiling lights so you want them to match one another.

Sonance offers a variety of speaker sizes and shapes to match ceiling lights. You can get round, square, or rectangle speakers that come in four size options: discreet 3-inch, small 4-inch, medium 6-inch, or large 8-inch.

There’s a speaker shape and size to fit virtually any aesthetic or application in a room so the speakers blend in with the ceiling lights, complementing your overall design vision.


Sonance speakers are made from rigid and lightweight material that not only makes them durable and long-lasting, but also helps them produce accurate sound with precise sonic details.

They also include features that help you customize sound and placement. The independent pivoting woofers and tweeters, for example, provide freedom in terms of where to place the speakers in the room. Once you find the right spot from a design perspective, you can adjust them and direct the sound to where you’ll get the best sonic performance.

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