Have you ever wanted to crisp up the perfect sandwich while in the mountains? How about while on a boat, or at the movies? The ToastBuddy has you covered. This new smart toaster is the small appliance that every carb-loving Canadian needs, and it’s available only at Best Buy.

Enjoy crisp, satisfying sandwiches anywhere

The ToastBuddy Smart Wireless Toaster is a compact, portable, wireless toaster that’s designed for toasting at home or on the go. With a compact design that toasts one slice of bread at a time, it fits into any standard backpack so you can perfectly crisp toasts—anywhere you go. It’s a brand new category of product that syncs with both your phone and your lifestyle. With the Toast Buddy, you’re never without access to a fresh slice of hot toast.

The ToastBuddy toaster and app pair via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. This toaster comes with a USB-C charging cable and is equipped to toast up to 20 slices of bread on a full charge.

State-of-the-art SmartBurn technology for perfect toasts

The team behind ToastBuddy has thought of everything with this innovative new product. This toaster comes equipped with SmartBurn technology and syncs with your smartphone and other smart devices. It uses built-in sensor technology to monitor how crisp and browned your slice of toast is getting, helping you achieve consistent results under all toasting conditions. Multiple sensors measure the reflectiveness of the toasted surfaces to adjust for pre-buttered slices or toasting from frozen.

The ToastBuddy pairs with a matching app, available for both iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to curate your toasting experience. It will help you get the most out of your smart toaster at home with week-long scheduling and multi-user customization. Take advantage of in-app toggles for gluten-free and keto-friendly diets, which optimize the toaster’s heating and timing levels for these different types of bread. Or, try voice commands like “I’d like a quick slice of toast” to speed up or slow down your toasting process. The ToastBuddy also has a special Slow Toast mode for achieving precisely browned toast.

Toasting on your daily routine

Another great feature of the ToastBuddy is its AI-powered smart home integration, which allows it to sync to your smart devices and learn your mealtime preferences. Do you like your toast lightly crisped or well-done? What are your preferred mealtimes? ToastBuddy can be programmed to deliver your toast when you like, exactly how you like it.

If your smart home system is also paired with devices like coffee makers and smart lights, ToastBuddy’s app will use those morning schedules as a cue for its own operations. Just toggle on the device’s AI-powered scheduler and let your toaster handle the rest. All you need to do is enjoy your perfectly toasted bread as it comes out of the toaster.

Your new must-have smart appliance

If you love toast, you’ll love the ToastBuddy. It’s the one product you need for creating crisp, golden-brown bread for the whole family,
whether you’re cozied up at home or camped out in the woods. Pre-order your ToastBuddy today to unlock perfectly crisped, golden goodness. Available exclusively at Best Buy starting April 1st.

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