What’s better than owning your enemies during an epic campaign? Getting the best gaming gear at the best price, of course. This September 7th at Toronto Bay and Dundas, you will find the gaming event you’ve been waiting for all year—Intel Gamer Days 2019. From awesome deals at Best Buy Canada to meeting professionals like Autumn Rhodes of Eleven Gaming, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

Intel Gamer Days 2019 date and time:

  • Date: Sept 7
  • Start time and end time: 4pm to 6:15pm
  • Location: Toronto Bay & Dundas Best Buy store

What’s going on at Intel Gamer Days 2019

There’s a lot going on at this year’s Intel Gamer Days 2019. Whether you’re looking to game, stream, immerse yourself in VR, edit 4K video, or any combination, you need a laptop or desktop PC with headroom to keep pace. This is when you choose a system with an 9th generation Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 processor to keep up with your out of this world gameplay. From offering the best savings of the year on desktop PC and laptop gaming system components to tons of great offers, and meeting pros, this is the one day that will help you finally reach that level up you’ve been working so hard for.

Autumn Rhodes, live and in action, at Intel Gamer Days 2019

One thing that you can expect from Intel Gamer Days 2019 is a day full of excitement. Autumn Rhodes from Eleven Gaming will be playing live and flexing her skills.

Whether you’re boosting followers on your Twitch account, upgrading your PC gaming gear with the best tools, or just playing on the go with the latest smartphone, Intel Gamer Days 2019 is the time to level up your accessories with some of the sweetest gaming gear around.

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