Samsung Neo QLED

The holidays are a great time to buy a television. Nothing beats watching Christmas movies with the family on a brand-new TV. If you’re looking for the best of the best, Day Four of our 12 days of Christmas is the Samsung Neo QLED TVs. If I see Santa, this is what I’ll be asking for. Here’s why I think it’s the gift of all gifts for the entire family.

If you think 4K televisions are good, imagine what an 8K television looks like. I should know— I reviewed the Samsung Neo QLED 65” 8K TV in my living room. If seeing is believing, I saw the 8K promise land. It has a staggering 33 million pixels and a 7,680×4,320 resolution. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s four times the resolution of a 4K television. With an 8K TV, each of the four quadrants is basically a 4K TV. 

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8K Upscaling

samsung neo qled

You’re probably wondering why buy an 8K TV when there is no 8K content? With 8K upscaling, the Samsung Neo QLED uses machine learning to upscale 4K content to 8K. Basically, engineers and programmers taught an AI to know how to best upscale content by feeding it thousands of hours of TV shows and movies. 

This creates a large database of what TV shows and movies should look like in 8K. Through machine learning, the AI can recognize objects in its database and then stretch the resolution to make it sharper and more detailed in 8K. To learn more about upscaling on the latest TVs, check out this article.

SolarCell Remote: Say goodbye to batteries


It should come as no surprise that a luxury television comes with a high-tech remote. The Samsung Neo QLED uses Samsung’s new SolarCell Remote. It charges from ambient light so there’s no need for batteries. To preserve its charge the remote even uses RF harvesting capabilities. Basically, it uses the radio waves emitted from your Wi-Fi and converts that to energy for the remote control. That is next-level tech. 

Samsung One Connect and the Smart Hub interface 

Like most Samsung TVs, the Neo QLED comes with the One Connect box. It is conveniently stored behind the TV on the stand. Another option is to use a longer One Connect cable and place it in an entertainment cabinet. Here you’ll find four HDMI ports with eARC/ARC. Easily connect cable boxes, streaming sticks, and gaming consoles to the TV. Or you can use it as a standalone device. With the Smart Hub interface, you can find a lot of free content. It feels like cable television because you can use the remote to channel surf free content from the Internet. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cord cutter or a cord never—you’ll never run out of content to watch on the Samsung Neo QLED.   

Enjoy 8K resolution with the Samsung Neo QLED

Why buy multiple gifts for the family when you can buy one big gift everyone can enjoy? The Samsung Neo QLED makes your living room 8K ready. The kids will love to game while parents can cut their cable subscription for good. Everything is on the Internet and the Smart Hub interface brings it all into one place. You can find the Samsung Neo QLED at Best Buy.

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