If the video gamer in your life has already secured their new consoles and all of their games, it might be time to think outside the box. Many gamers have gone to the Matt Paligaru school of impatience and will be out there on the first day lining up for the latest and greatest console or game. We’re the hard ones to buy for because even with things like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 coming out so close to the Holidays, we’re not willing to wait and will just go get it!

Fortunately, there’s still a lot we don’t think about. Gaming related items (that aren’t just games) have really taken off these last few years. Whether shirts, lights, chairs, or plushes, the things you can buy a gamer that aren’t an actual game are more abundant than ever. Here are some of those interesting gifts for a gamer coming into this Holiday Season.

Gifts for a Gamer

Wearable gifts for your gamer

There are plenty of games out there that get you up and moving. Games like Beat Saber, Just Dance, and Dance Dance Revolution give your body a workout as much as they do your mind. While Just Dance and DDR have usually had some form of calorie burning/tracking, you can’t really track other things like heart rate. I’ve worn a Fitbit on occasion playing DDR and will usually keep it on when my daughter asks me to play Just Dance with her too. Activity trackers are also good at providing reminders when you need to get up and get active for a few minutes, even if it’s just to walk around and meet your minimum hourly step count.

Comfortable gifts for a gamer

Gifts for a Gamer
The X-Rocker Console Gaming Chair

With the amount of gaming I’ve done over the years, I’d be lying if I ever said anybody ever gifted me a chair, but that’s another somewhat unusual, yet useful, gift to get a gamer. Gaming chairs now come in all shapes and sizes. A few years ago, you’d see more office-style PC gaming chairs, but console gamer chairs (with no legs) have become pretty common, and cockpit-style chairs for racing gamers have become really popular too. I have a friend who religiously plays the F1 games every year and picked up a cockpit setup to go with his Thrustmaster wheel so that he could play his campaigns in style.

In addition to gaming chairs, gaming desks are a thing now too. Gaming desks have PC gamer needs in mind for some of those pesky things like cable management and heat dissipation. Gaming desks usually have a really wide base for multiple monitors too, and they’re usually shaped for better ergonomic interaction than flat front desks. I’m going to be working at home for the next year by the sounds of it, and I’m considering a corner desk like this ZLD Performance Series model for my dual monitor workspace in the house.

If your PC gamer already has a desk and is known for longer sessions of their favourite games, you might want to consider a riser for them, so that they can rotate between standing and sitting while playing. It helps to take a load off once in a while. These desktop risers don’t just have to be considered as a part of the office anymore. I’ve had many a night in my gaming life where I’ve spent longer than a single work day’s worth of hours in front of a computer or a TV. Between bathroom breaks, the chance to stand up and stretch while gaming is something that I definitely take for granted. I could have used one of these in my younger days just as I have one on my desktop at work today.

Hue Play Gradient Lightstrips

Ambient gifts for a gamer

Add a little ambience to your gamer’s space with a couple of unusual gifts! First of all, check out some of the smart lighting options that are out there. Nanoleaf’s Light Panels add a big splash of color to the walls of any gaming space, and Philips’ HuePlay Gradient Lights can easily decorate the space around a TV or monitor to add some presence too. I’m a really big fan of the Nanoleaf Light Panels and think they really brighten up any space, no matter what colour the walls are.

There is also something to be said about gaming plushes. Nintendo especially has really embraced putting its characters into these soft and squishy forms, with a massive selection of them available through Best Buy’s Marketplace. You can get everything from classic Mario characters to an 8 bit version of Link.

Lastly, what about a TV mount? If your gamer enjoys their consoles, you know that multiple game systems across multiple generations can take up a lot of space. I myself am going to need 3 shelves alone for the last 3 Microsoft console generations (due to a lack of backwards compatibility between our music games and lack of Kinect support on the Series X) without even thinking about my PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Those all take up a lot of room! A nice wall mount for a TV would give back some of that space to the consoles while the TV hangs up on the wall and off the entertainment centre. This might be one of those “You don’t know how much they needed one until you got them one” types of gifts!

Gifts for a Gamer
Super Mario 35 is one of Nintendo Switch’s latest online offers, but it requires an active Nintendo Online subscription to play

Subscription gifts for your gamer

As a long time gamer, I admit one of the most appreciated and most unexpected gifts I once received was an extra year of Xbox Live. It’s one of those necessary costs to console gamers, but one that’s often overlooked in the search for the biggest and best games and accessories. Still, it’s nice knowing that someone has your back when it comes to these subscription services. Nowadays, you’ve got Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft’s online services to worry about, and even helping your gamer with one of those costs will be well appreciated I’m sure.

I hope you found these gift ideas to be a good starting point for your gamer, especially for the gamer that has everything or goes out and buys everything when they want it! What are some of those out of the box ideas that you’ve had for the gamer in your life over the years? Please let us know in the comments below!