Today is the day we learn how to hang 30,000 great works of art on our walls without ever hanging more than a single picture frame. Meet Meural, the 27″ Digital Canvas Frame that allows you to display a unique work of art every single day for the next 82+ years. That’s 30,000 unique pieces of art divided by 365 days in a year for a total of 82.19 years, meaning that you’ll never again become tired of what’s displayed on your walls. Intrigued? If so, keep reading for a whopping feature list and some great sample art.

Meural Features and Specs

First thing’s first! This authentic wood frame features a 27 inch Full HD anti-glare (light deflecting) IPS matte display (in 1080p) for perfect picture viewing from any and all angles and a variety of lighting conditions. With its 300 cd/m2 brightness and TrueArt technology, you’ll enjoy true, lifelike images in any part of your home no matter how bright, and you’ll also be thrilled with the Meural Canvas’s excellent energy efficiency—this digital frame consumes less power than a standard household light bulb!

The Meural Digital Canvas Frame also boasts a 1.8GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 processor, 8GB of built-in memory (for onboard storage of approximately 2,000 works of art), and 1 full GB of DDR3 RAM for quick response times when switching between images. Of course, through its dedicated app you also have access to a large library of other great images, including classic works from greats like Da Vinci and others. What’s especially great about having access to many of the world’s most famous artwork is the fact that a brief (generally historical or biographical) write-up is also included with each image (viewable in the app or overlaid on the canvas), so it’s almost like you’re getting an encyclopedia of art with the Meural Digital Frame. Whether you’re a student of art or merely an art appreciator, it’s great to have access to this kind of knowledge!



The Meural Canvas is also compatible with a variety of image file formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, and even MP4s, provided the file is no larger than the maximum individual file size of 10MB. Additional features include multiple slideshow modes (like Random, Scheduled, and Sequential) as well as the ability to accept your own image uploads. If you’re a photographer, this frame provides a unique way to show your work to the world. Similarly, if you’re am artist who paints or draws, you can photograph and digitize your work and take your entire portfolio on an national gallery tour without ever moving a single painting.


My Experience with the Meural Digital Canvas


My time with the Meural Canvas was brief but impactful. I really enjoyed having access to such amazing works of art (that I otherwise would have little or no access to) in an up close and meaningful way. I also enjoyed being able to upload my own work to the Meural Canvas and display it in a much larger size than I had ever even seen before. The above bridge photo is just such an example.



One of my favourite things about the Meural Digital Canvas is, as I mentioned above, the fact that it provides encyclopedic insight into many classic works that you can appreciate in your very own home. Imagine being at home and being able to read the museum card for a historic piece of artwork that you may never be able to visit in real life. This is exactly the experience that the Meural Canvas provides. Shown at right is what this looks like in the Meural App, but you can also call up this information directly within the frame. This useful and interesting knowledge simply overlays the painting itself in an unobtrusive way (such as in one of the lower corners of the image). The amount of information available is absolutely mind boggling. It’s basically a fine arts education on your wall. Whether you’re a student of art or merely a curious art appreciator, you’ll love being able to read the short biographical/historical context blurbs that accompany the great works of art. They were one of my very favourite parts of the Meural Canvas experience.


It wasn’t all sunshine and roses for me with the Meural Digital Canvas though. I did have a few issues that somewhat clouded the experience. The first of these issues was getting the hand gesture feature to work. What that is is essentially this: you wave your hand across the front of the frame to change from the current image to the next image in your digital gallery. It sounds great, and it mostly is, but getting the hang of the motion wasn’t exactly a breeze. At times I was waving away at the thing with no results whatsoever. I’m sure it was just my own inept hand gesturing that was the problem, but it was still somewhat frustrating. I did eventually get it down pat though, and then I began enjoying it a whole lot more.



An even bigger problem that I experienced with the Meural Canvas was a continual loss of communication between my smart phone and the frame itself. This was really frustrating and I suspect that my office may be too far away from the Wi-Fi router in my home.


UPDATE: In a last minute test that I completed before submitting this review, I can confirm that moving the Meural Canvas closer to my Wi-Fi router completely solved the problem. If you have similar trouble, simply move the frame, the router, or get a signal booster for your home Wi-Fi setup and everything should work fine. My enjoyment level of the Meural Digital Canvas just went up tenfold!


Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a few minutes to watch my brief video overview of the Meural Digital Canvas Frame. The video is only about 4 and a half minutes long and in it I show numerous examples of the fine works of art that you can display with this frame, including what is possibly the most famous painting of all time, Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Take a look:


Final Thoughts


I love the Meural Digital Canvas! It provides virtually unlimited access to the worlds most amazing artwork in a nearly flawless way. The only serious issue I had with it turned out to be resolved simply by moving the frame to another room. If you have an area close to your Wi-Fi router to hang the Meural Canvas (or have a Wi-Fi signal booster in your home), you shouldn’t have any problems. I highly recommend this product—and not just for art lovers, but for everyone!


All 3 versions of Meural’s 27″ Digital Canvas Frame are now available at Best Buy.


Leonard Bond
Originally from Nova Scotia, I currently live with my wife in Burnaby, BC. I have previously lived in both Toronto and New Zealand as well. I love to travel and I also love classic literature and great movies (especially spy & espionage works such as those featuring James Bond & Jason Bourne). I am also a serious toy and memorabilia collector (mostly Transformers) and have a great interest in gadgets and technology of all sorts. Many things intrigue me, and that's why I'm here on the Plug-In Blog. I never know what interesting things I'll encounter next!


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