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Give the gift of the best small kitchen appliances, as rated by Best Buy...

Are you ready for the holidays yet? If the answer is no, don’t worry: I’ve got a great list of small kitchen appliances rated by Best Buy customers that anyone will be happy to receive this year.

Back to school – Here’s the top 5 small kitchen appliances to take to...

When I first went off to University, I was pretty surprised at what I didn’t know about living away from home. You know all of those ‘little things’ you get used to having in your kitchen? You have to, for the most part, live without them or stock them yourself. And because dorm rooms are shared and you don’t generally have a kitchen right in your suite of rooms, you have to really pick and choose from all of the kitchen essentials you’re used to having.   If you’re squeezed on space and aren’t quite sure what you’ll really miss from your kitchen at home, here are my top 5 picks for kitchen appliances you need to take to your dorm.  

How much kitchen space do I need for my new appliance?

Measure twice, cut once... Or in this case, measure twice, and then make sure the new appliance you're buying will actually fit into that space.

Black stainless steel appliances are a kitchen must-have

Have you seen the latest black stainless steel appliances? If you haven't, you have to take a look at this hot, new appliance style that's showing up in kitchens everywhere.

3 appliances you’re going to want for your kitchen this fall

Fall days and nights are the perfect time to try your hand at some new recipes, enjoy some indulgent breakfast treats, and sit back and relax with a great cup of java. Here are 3 small appliances that are must-haves for the kitchen to make this happen.

CES 2016: Whirlpool’s Kitchen of the Future and cool new appliances

Seeing future trends before they become reality is fun, but in our instant-gratification society, we also want innovation and we want it now. Whirlpool gives you the best of both at its booth at CES; from the “Kitchen of the Future” to laundry pairs you can get today hold a month’s worth of soap and then tell you when you’re out.

Ideal TV and Sound System “Appliances” for the Kitchen

  Best Buy has all sorts of Kitchen appliances, from major appliances to small toasters, blenders, and coffee makers. But a couple of “appliances” I would also suggest for your kitchen is a TV and sound system. The kitchen is probably the one room that you spend the most waking hours in. It is the room that everyone congregates in at social gatherings, so why not have some entertainment in it? The cook doesn’t want to miss the action in the big hockey or football game, nor should they since having to cook is already punishment enough. Here are some suggestions on solving the entertainment system for the kitchen, since it is probably a trickier room to equip.

double duty small appliances

Double duty small appliances that make life easier

Want your small appliances to do more? Take a look at these three double duty small kitchen appliances. You'll be suprised at what they can do.

Microwaves 101: How to choose the best microwave oven for your kitchen

A microwave is one of the most important small appliances in your kitchen. Check out these 4 things to look for when buying a microwave.
upgrade your kitchen

5 ways to upgrade your kitchen for 2020

If you want to upgrade your kitchen in 2020, here are 5 solid ways you can make your entire kitchen feel fresh and brand new.

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