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Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of trying out several Lunata hair products, which has helped inspire me to get back to styling my now very long hair. The first two were hair straighteners, the Belisa by Lunata and the Beauty Styler Plus+. The third is the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler (coming soon) which can function as both a curling iron and a curling wand.

What is the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler?

Lunata cordless curler box contents

Like the other Lunata hair care products I tried, the Cordless Iron Curler is, as the name confirms, completely cordless. Plug it in to recharge then use it at home or on the go, without having to be tethered to a power outlet. It charges via USB-C and can fully charge in about three hours.

It features a 1.25-inch titanium barrel and can get as hot as 450°F, with four adjustable settings from low to medium, high, and max. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries afford up to 45 minutes of use per charge and are also replaceable if you want to buy an optional spare and leaving the charging adapter at home. Note that, unlike some other Lunata products, this one does not work while it’s charging so you need to ensure it has enough of a charge before using it. It does keep its charge for some time as well—I had it charged for up to a week before using it and didn’t have to top it up.

Lunata cordless curler USB-C charging port

Once done, store it in the heat proof sleeve/mat. It also comes with a heat-proof glove, charging cable, and adapters for U.S., U.K., and EU.

Unlike a hair straightener, the idea behind this curler is to create smooth, beach waves with long hair (like mine) or to add volume with short hair. Keep the clip on for more control if you have a short mane or remove it for the “undone” look.

How to turn on the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler

Lunata cordless curler digital screen

To turn on the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler, there’s an interesting set of button sequences. Once it’s fully charged, press the power button three times quickly in succession until you see several lines appear at the top of the digital screen. Then, press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds until the word “MAX” appears. From there, the device will begin to heat up and you can adjust temperature as desired.

If you’re like me and just want to get going right away without reading the instruction manual, you might end up thinking there’s something wrong with the device when it doesn’t turn on if you press, or even long-press, the power button. The reason this odd series of button presses is required is for safety purposes, to ensure that the device isn’t accidentally turned on when not in use, and to prevent little kids from accidentally pushing the button and potentially burning themselves. It seems like a strange sequence (a safety clip of some kind might have been easier?) Nonetheless, once you know to do this, it works perfectly. And after using it, I can see why it’s needed: I would often inadvertently press the button while styling my hair, or sometimes even when grabbing it off a table to use.

Using the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler

I’m notoriously terrible at doing my own hair, so I should note before beginning that those with experience using curlers at home might do a better job than I did. Nonetheless, the device was easy to use after checking out the instructional video on the website.

I popped on the heatproof glove for safety, which is designed to go on your right-hand, though as a left-handed person, I simply wore it backwards on my left. I turned on the curler and it heat up fairly quickly; it was steaming and ready to go by the time I brushed out my hair and clipped a section aside.

Before and after photos using the Lunata cordless curler

Since I have naturally curly hair, I used the Lunata Beauty Styler Plus+ hair straightener first to straighten my hair after washing and blow drying. My hair is very long (more than halfway down my back) so I used the clip on the curler, which is recommended for those with longer hair. I clipped the curler over a small section of hair, then rolled it up to my scalp and held it for 5-10 seconds. I had to unravel a bit of hair because of the length as well as the fact that my hair can get frizzy and thus stick, then pulled out the styler to release. The smooth plates make it easy to do this without yanking out strands. I had to do this a few times over in the same section until I got the hang of it and left the curler in long enough to actually create waves. I also faced challenges since it was a hot and humid summer day in Toronto where I live, which typically wreaks havoc on my frizzy hair. Nonetheless, with some time and dedication, I can see how the cordless iron curler could be a great tool to have in your hair care arsenal.

As noted, I did find I was accidentally pressing the button while doing my hair, which won’t turn off the unit since you have to press and hold but could end up adjusting the temperature unknowingly. So keep an eye on the temperature to ensure it’s at the level you want it and you didn’t hit the up or down arrow without realizing it.

Should you get the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler?

Lunata cordless curler upright

For someone with hair like mine that is extra-long, the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler might not be the best option as it takes some time and finesse to ensure you roll the entire length of the strand through the curler. You could, however, also only curl the bottom half of your hair to have some big, beach-like curls just running down your back or over the shoulders. But for those who have naturally straight, shoulder-length or slightly longer hair, it’s a great tool to get those big, beach waves and add body to your style.

It’s easy to use and the heatproof sleeve that rolls out and doubles as a mat for putting the curler down while you grab your next set of hair to curl, or while it cools down, is a a nice touch. The fact that this curler is cordless makes it a great one to take with you on trips as well since you can use it in a pinch to touch up your hair anywhere from in an airport bathroom to a hotel room without enough power outlets.

Check out the Lunata Cordless Iron Curler (coming soon) at Best Buy Canada online.


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