Having a baby is one of the greatest joys in life, and while you understand that you’ll be doing a lot of diaper changing, feeding, and rocking, you might not realize just how much time you’ll spend researching baby products.

Parents rely on the opinions, thoughts, and recommendations of other parents when they’re purchasing baby products. From strollers to car seats and toys; before they buy, new parents want to be sure that what they’re about to invest in is worth the cost and, more importantly, will make their baby happy.

That’s why Best Buy has launched the Baby Sampler Club. It’s a club parents and parents-to-be can join, and every month you’ll have the possibility of being selected to test out new baby products you can keep for free. Register between Feb 9 and Feb 22nd for a chance to win a guzzie + Guss stroller (complete details below).

How the Baby Sampler Club works

The Baby Sampler Club is definitely one that every parents wants to sign up for. To be eligible you’ll need to be a parent or parent-to-be with a baby under the age of two. Once a parent or parent-to-be completes the sign up form, he or she will have the opportunity to test out new baby products. Every month Best Buy will have several samples of one baby product to send out to different testers, and you get to keep the sample for free.

In exchange for testing out the sample, all you’re asked to do is provide an honest review of that product for the Best Buy site. You’ll have 30 days to write the review, and you’ll be able to talk about your likes, dislikes, and share your real thoughts on that product with other parents. Your review, whether it’s positive, negative, or a bit of both, will help other parents when choosing the new baby gear they’ll be bringing home.

As long as you test out and review the product, you’ll remain in the club and have the opportunity to test out more products. If you don’t review the product within 30 days, you’ll be removed from the club.

What baby products can you can test out in the Baby Sampler Club?

There are so many great baby products on the market today, and one of the greatest challenges for new parents or parents-to-be is narrowing down the choices. That’s where the Baby Sampler Club will really help.

By having access to a long list of honest reviews on baby products, parents and parents-to-be will find it much easier to pick and choose from new baby products. Here’s a look at a few of the baby products you could be selected to test for Best Buy’s Baby Sampler Club.

Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

Motorola baby monitorIf you’ve never tried a Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, you’re in for a new experience. Rather than listening in to an audio monitor, a Wi-Fi Baby Monitor like the Motorola MBP855CONNECT gives you eyes and ears on your nursery. You can use the Hubble app to watch, listen, and even check the temperature in the baby’s room, and there’s also a colour LCD screen you can use to check in.

With pan, tilt, zoom, and night vision, you’ll always be able to see your baby clearly.

Tommy the Turtle Soothing Sound Machine

vtech tommy turtle sound machineI have loved the soothing sounds of white noise since I had my first baby. It really helps to lull them off to sleep in a peaceful way. With VTech’s Tommy the Turtle Storytelling Baby Soother you’ll be able to pay ambient sounds like trickling steams for your baby. Or, you can also choose to have Tommy soothe your baby with stories and lullabies.

Even better, Tommy has a cozy night light in his belly to cast a warm glow in your nursery.

Gallant umbrella stroller from guzzie+Guss

guzzieguss strollerThe Gallant from guzzie+Guss is a lightweight umbrella stroller with features to spare. It has a five-point safety harness so you know your baby is protected, and the reclining seat and canopy offer a cozy spot to have a nap on an afternoon stroll. It also folds up for easy transport and is recommended for ages 3 months and up.

ORGANICFEEL 2-in-1 mattress from KidiComfort

organic mattressA 2-in-1 mattress gives you the opportunity to have your child’s mattress grow with them, and the ORGANICFEEL 2-in-1 mattress from KidiComfort will do exactly that.

It has an ultra-firm side for infants 0 to 12 months, and then you can flip it over for toddlers older than 12 months. The organic cotton cover is water resistant and has a nice, soft feel. It’s also removable so you can throw it in the washing machine when you need to.

Sign up now and enter to win a stroller from stroller from guzzie+Guss

guzzeigus strollerIf the idea of testing out new baby products and getting to keep them for free isn’t amazing enough, you’ll also be entered to win a fantastic prize if you sign up for the Best Buy Baby Sampler Club from February 9th to February 22nd, 2018. Your sign up will mean you’re entered to win a stroller from guzzie+Guss! There will be two people selected to win one of two strollers.

You could win the Serien umbrella stroller by guzzie+Guss.  It’s a compact umbrella stroller for ages 6 months and up. It’s got a reclining seat, full canopy, and 5-point harness to keep your baby comfortable and secure. Or, you could be selected to win the Gallant from guzzie+Guss: one of the products I mentioned above that you may also be selected to test out for the Baby Sampler Club.

Watch for the Baby Event, beginning February 16th

If you’re excited about signing up for the Baby Sampler Club, you’re also going to want to keep your eye on the calendar: it’s that time of the year again and Best Buy’s Baby Event is beginning on February 16th and will run until March 8th, 2018.

Best Buy’s Baby Event will have all of the baby products you’re researching every day, so you’ll be able to shop for your favourites while waiting to see if you’re selected to test out baby gear for the Baby Sampler Club.

Sign up for the Baby Sampler Club now

You can sign up for the Baby Sampler Club right now by clicking here. It’s a great way to get hands on with some of the latest baby gear, so if you’re a parent or parent-to-be with a baby under the age of two, be sure to sign up to test out and keep baby products for free!

ADDED BONUS: Enter to win a new stroller

Join the sampler’s club between February 9th and February 22nd and you’ll be entered into a draw to win one of 2 guzzie + Guss strollers. Complete rules and regulations are shown below.


After February 22nd we will randomly draw 2 people from all eligible entries to win: one will get the Serien Lightweight Stroller and the other will get the Gallant Lightweight Stroller from guzzie + Guss.

Win Guzzie and Guss Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.
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