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A lot of really serious, work-appropriate bags get featured here on the Plug-in Blog, but that’s not all that’s out there in the world. The accessories industry (and the Best Buy site) are full of weird, quirky bags that’ll help you organize all of your stranger odds and ends–and they’ll put on a smile on your face as you do so.

Funny buddies for those over the legal drinking age

Yes, really: there are bags in the world that are designed specifically to hold beer cans. But wait! It gets even better!

They’re called Beeracudas.

10408733Burton makes two Beeracuda Beer Sleeves that are available at Best Buy, and they’re both absolutely hilarious. They are the perfect accessory for the college student who isn’t sure how they’re going to make friends through the first week of school, and each insulated double-barrel bag can hold a whopping 10+1 cans. (10 in the bag, 1 on the strap for those “I really need a beer right now” moments.)

The Burton Beeracuda Mushroom Beer Sleeve is perfect for any Woodstock-type students who’ll need it for a hipster music festival next summer, and the Burton Beeracuda Stickers Beer Sleeve is ideal for those who need a little something extra to help them get through frosh week.

Not feeling the Beeracuda sleeve? No worries, because Burton makes a Lil Buddy Cooler Bag as well. It’s covered in a beer label print (which, granted, means that it isn’t the most discreet of bags) and has enough room for a 12-pack and ice. It even comes with a bottle opener and a side pocket for all of your drinking accessories, so it’s got you covered!

Quirky bags for the under-18 crowd10372736_2

For students who are returning this year to junior high or high school, there are plenty of cool, quirky bags that aren’t all about getting nicely inebriated as September approaches. (The legal drinking age here in Alberta is 18, but please mentally adjust that heading appropriately based on where you are!)

My favourite quirky bag that’s stocked by Best Buy by far is the JanSport Digital Wrap Burrito Accessory Pouch. It is quite literally a burrito-print pouch that hold your pens, cords, and accessories as if they were fillings, then folds up for burrito-inspired carrying! It’s the kind of accessory that makes a great gag gift, and it has space to hold everything that you’ll need for your back to school pencil case.

The JanSport Digital burrito pouch is especially great for all of those Chipotle and Mucho Burrito lovers out there, but for a subtler approach, there’s always the JanSport Brick Accessory Bag. The inside is full of pockets for all of your digital accessory needs, and the outside comes in a brick print, all the way down to the faux-texturized lid.

10450293And, finally, if you’re looking for a really cool accessory bag that couldn’t be given to someone as a prank, please let me guide you toward the JanSport Polka Dots Bento Box Accessory Bag. It looks just like a regular pencil case, but the interior hides pop-and-lock bento-style pockets so that you can optimize your interior organization. It’s definitely more than the average student would need for their pens and pencils, but if you’re a student with artistic or technological inclinations, it’s a great case for holding items like putty erasers, battery packs, and adapters!

If you’re still looking for your perfect small accessory organizer, make sure to check out Best Buy’s Travel & Luggage section as well as the Backpacks section. The best finds are often hidden, after all!


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