Best Buy In Home Consult BannerAre you looking for advice on how to jump start your next big tech project? Best Buy Canada currently offers a free In-Home Advisor consultation service to help you get started. The in-home advisor program is a free service that anyone residing in Canada can utilize by calling 1-833-229-2384 (BBY-ADVISOR) or filling out an online consult request. Currently, the program is only available in Edmonton and all major cities in Ontario for an on location visit, but remote consulting is free across Canada.

I decided to test out the service to explore how to better utilize my home entertainment setup, and I came away very impressed. From the convenience of booking to the home visit, consultation, and follow-up, the entire process was well organized, professional, and offered plenty of solutions for my home. From start to finish here’s my experience with the Best Buy in-home advisor consultation program.

In Home Consultant Visit

Booking your in home advisor consultation

The first step is to book an appointment, and this can be done online through the Best Buy website. If you prefer to speak to someone you can also call 1-833-229-2384 and make the arrangements for a visit. You’ll need to enter your contact information, what type of products or services you’re interested in (i.e. Home Theatre, Smart Home, Kitchen Upgrades etc.), and answer some basic questions about your current setup. Once that’s completed, you’ll pick a date and time for your in-home advisor to come visit.

Prompt response and flexible in-home booking process

I booked my appointment a few days in advance of the visit and received a call the very next day to confirm my time slot. The operator and consultant worked in tandem to establish a time that would work around my schedule. Ahead of the visit I also received an email confirming all the details. This included the name and picture of the representative that would be visiting. From a security standpoint, I really appreciated this feature as it helped put my mind at ease before someone came into my home. My in-home advisor, Alvin Basdeo, also called ahead of time to introduce himself and to discuss what I hoped to achieve with the consultation.

In Home Mixer

The in-home visit experience

On the day of the visit, Alvin called well ahead of the appointment to let me know he was on his way, and arrived right on time. He was friendly, personable, and professional from the start. After a brief introduction, we sat down in my family room to go over what I wanted to achieve with my home entertainment setup and other miscellaneous tech jobs around the house. This included adding better surround sound to my current setup and streaming audio around different parts of my home. I also wanted to discuss options to expand my smart home lighting setup and he had plenty of great suggestions. Alvin also asked about my budget and what I was looking to spend on any potential purchases.

In Home Consultant Recommendations

Recommendations and next steps

After we went over my wish list, Alvin provided me with a few different options that would help me achieve my goals within my budget. He walked me through each suggestion in detail and explained how it would work within my current setup. For example, he suggested a wireless surround sound system that would connect to my existing TV and Blu-ray player. This would allow me to keep my current set up but add the extra component of great surround sound without having to wire anything new into my home. Alvin also took the time to show me some different lighting options that were compatible with my current system and could be easily added on as my needs changed.

In Home Consultant Sub wooferSolutions that truly fit your needs

Alvin listened attentively, offered great advice and took the time to carefully look over my current setup. I was impressed how he looked over my current hardware and tried to use it in my future plans. I wasn’t up-sold on unnecessary equipment, and he clearly had my best interest in mind. Alvin also gave me different options and scenarios to think about, which helped me get a better grasp of what I wanted to do. We talked about the pros and cons of each solution, and he was open and honest about which would work best for my individual needs.

Stayed on task and budget

Alvin was able to provide multiple solutions that would fit both my needs and my budget. We went over a few different product options and he also showed me how to better utilize the products like my Audio Mixer. He also explained that in-home advisors are not working on commissions. This meant that I was getting a more honest and unbiased opinion on what would work best for me.

Free advice for any project, at any stage

I had mentioned to Alvin that I had recently completed a major home renovation and learned he’d been on job sites that were large commercial-based undertakings to residential setups. The in-home advisor program is happy to work with customers who are planning, or have started a major renovation. This was new information to me, because I was under the impression that the service was only for those with an existing finished home setup.

This is definitely a selling point for anyone considering a major makeover to their living space. You can have an advisor look at your architectural drawings and they can offer suggestions for wiring, product placement, and more. It would have been great to have an extra set of experienced eyes like Alvin’s to review my home plan and help me to future-proof it. If you are planning a major reno, or are in the midst of one, I definitely recommend booking an in-home consultation to get some professional and expert advice.

A Best Buy team based approach

If the scope of your job grows, the in-home advisor team can meet those needs. They have access to extensive resources to deliver exactly what you want. This includes other home technology experts, product specialists, and more. Alvin had also worked with members of the Geek Squad in the past, so if you need a more in-depth level of support, your in-home consultant can connect you with the right person.

Emailed Advice

A detailed follow up

Later that evening, after our appointment I received an email from Alvin that included a summary of our meeting. He also included some tips on how to get started with my new setup. This was extremely helpful as it allowed me to go over everything at my own pace. I could consult with other members of my family before making any decisions. Overall, I was very pleased with my In-Home Advisor consultation experience. The entire process was well organized, professional, and informative. Alvin provided me with some great options that have helped take my home entertainment setup to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about taking on any in-home tech project, I would recommend booking an in-home advisor consultation. The process is quick and easy with advisors that are more than happy to help you find the right solution.

Overall, I had a great experience with the program. The booking process was simple and straightforward. I appreciated the prompt response time and the ability to book an appointment that fit my schedule. Alvin, my in-home advisor, was professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable about all things tech. He offered excellent advice on how to better utilize my current products while also providing recommendations on new purchases. The entire experience was enjoyable, informative, and best of all—it’s free!

Looking for some tech advice for your home? Book your Best Buy In-Home Advisor  consultation today.

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