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This year’s Consumer Electronics’ Show will once again be different from the traditional convention floor cornucopia of technology innovation. We can still expect amazing new tech showcased and announced, officially from Tuesday, January 5th until Friday, January 8th. And, as we have seen in previous years, new product announcements can come at any time leading up to the event, and even during the following week. However, this year’s event will be a hybrid of live from Las Vegas, and virtually live from anywhere, as the world still navigates the best way to keep everyone safe in these interesting times. Be sure to bookmark our coverage of CES to stay in the loop of what 2022 and beyond will have in store.

Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show has introduced such amazing technology as the Nintendo Entertainment System, flat screen televisions, and True Wireless earbuds. This year’s show will undoubtedly bring many surprises. Here are some technologies that I’ll be watching closely.

Health tech steps up and gets noticed

More than any other year perhaps, it’s appropriate for health tech to take a place at the CES head table. Yes, Best Buy has been carrying a huge variety of health tech for many years. However, never have we seen health devices have such a huge impact on our daily lives. Heart health monitoring has not only moved to our wrists and smart phones, but it’s become something we can track, record, and email to health professionals who can then make better informed decisions than ever before. We all can make better decisions thanks to the range of health care technology: and CES will showcase the new tech coming out in 2022.

One true sign that a technology has come of age is having it discussed at a coveted keynote address at CES. Abbott industries will be the first healthcare tech company in CES history to take the main stage. They have created a wide range of health tech including their FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system. I’ve seen it first hand: my wife has lived with Type I diabetes for over 40 years and the last couple have been the easiest for her to manage thanks to this technology. The difference that knowing exact blood glucose levels at any time, just by looking at an app on your phone, has on a person’s life is remarkable. Additionally, she isn’t pricking her finger all the time, which is also a bonus. Even many people without diabetes are finding continuous glucose monitoring for their overall health. I look forward to seeing all of the devices and insights presented in this category during CES 2022.

TV tech is just starting to get interesting

Last year there were several innovations in televisions shown by several manufacturers like LG, Sony, and Samsung. For example, we were promised that MicroLED TVs would find their way into our homes during 2021, but that was delayed. We’ve heard reports that new manufacturing methods were developed last year that will improve production cycles and reduce manufacturing costs. Will this the the year that we’ll finally be able to compare the quality of these displays to OLEDs and Full Array LEDs that have been simply stunning and will undoubtedly keep improving in 2022.

new TVs at Best Buy

What will SMART really mean in 2022

In science fiction, the interoperability and connectivity that we currently associate with the word “smart” are just expected; and our world is quickly catching up. I regularly start doing something on my Samsung Note 10 phone, then continue it on my Macbook Pro; if it’s a show, I might start watching on my phone, switch to my wife’s phone while in the truck on the ferry and when we get home, just keep watching it on my Samsung TV. We can consume content anywhere we want. And this all feels very natural and right. It doesn’t feel particularly “smart” any longer.

However, smart home tech will likely become more secure, more convenient, and make our homes more energy efficient than before. This past year we saw lots of innovation: for example, Anker is a CES Innovation honoree this year for some of their Eufy Smart Cameras and Soundcore smart audio equipment (spoiler alert: we’ll be offering some of these award winning devices as prizes in a contest during CES!).

Non-smart doesn’t really mean “dumb”—simply less convenient and often less secure. Using a key to get into your home, or flicking a switch to turn off lights just seems unnecessary to many of us now. The immediacy of looking on your phone to see the image from cameras outside your home, or seeing that you did in fact remember to lock the front door before you left, and therefore knowing your home is safe and secure has become our new normal.

This change has happened recently too, within the last decade for some of us, within the last year for others. What will new tech be like in a year or two? Expect CES 2022 to introduce us to the next wave in this technological evolution. We’ll likely see new technologies that will seamlessly integrate into our lives to blend into this new normal. Likely some of this will incorporate Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice control, two other technologies that many of us have begun to expect in our homes.

Keep on top of all of the changes and developments in technology. Bookmark our coverage of CES and check in with us frequently over the course of the event and throughout the year.


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