The frugal Smart Home: Building on a budget

Building your Smart Home doesn't have to be a costly up-front task. Yes, it's true that most gadgets will set you back over $100 at a time, but Rome wasn't built in a day and neither does your home. Without going in dollars and cents, I want to show you how to build a functioning smart home over time and how to determine what works best for your home.

How to add more technology into your home

No matter how much you deny it, technology is a very crucial part of our lives. It can be a fun part of it too. During Smart Home month in October, you're going to learn all about a lot of exciting products and home automation "systems," both physical and through software partners. Take a look at some of the exciting and fun tech you can add to your home from the avid DIYer to the practical gardener.

Features of Smart Displays That You Will Love!

With each passing day we become more and more aware of smart displays and the many useful things they can do. If you're not yet familiar with them, read on!

Introduce your Dad to Smart Home Products this Father’s Day!

If you’d like to give your Dad the gift of peace of mind this coming Father’s Day, you might want to consider helping him turn his home into a modern-day Smart Home. The products within the Smart Home realm can increase home security, reduce costs (particularly electrical and heating costs), and add convenience to your father’s daily life. Click on through if you’d like to learn all about several of these very useful products!

Choosing Smarthome Products for Security and Access

A home without a sense of security isn’t much of a home, and with the latest smarthome gadgets you can have enhanced security, with the added bonus of increased efficiency, monitoring, and the flexibility that comes with modern electronics, no matter where you are. 

Smart Home System Series – Home Entry

Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Actually, home security is no joke. But thanks to Smart Home technology, you can have ultimate control over who comes in or out of your house. Want to know how to lock and unlock your door (and more!) just using your smartphone? In this last installment of my Smart Home System Series, I’ll give you a look at Home Entry Automation tech.

The Smart Home Series: Arlo Brings a DIY Security Project Without...

If you can't stand the view of wires dangling down the wall or across the room to keep a surveillance camera active in the home or workplace, Netgear's Arlo HD Camera is for you. Arlo's the world's first wire-free, HD and waterproof indoor and outdoor camera and it's easy to set up through the smartphone app and a few presses of buttons.

New smart tech you’re going to want to use in your...

Eveyrone has regrets during renovations, but the smartest decision I made during mine was setting my house up to be a full smart home. I've got a lot of great devices installed, but I'm really excited to see what's around the corner in the smart home market.

Building your Smart Home: Choosing Network or Non-network Smart Home Essentials

Home automation is starting to take off in the mainstream, mostly thanks to low-cost alternatives to custom systems; while there’s still a market for the integrated home automation system, for many consumers there’s a choice between entry level and midrange “network” products and “non-network” products. What does that mean and which type of product is right for you? Read on to find out.

CES 2016: Belkin promises faster transfers and wins an innovation award

It’s been an eventful CES for Belkin so far. Not only have they unveiled more products in their growing line of USB-C devices and unveiled new charge docks for the Apple Watch. Read on to find out more on these gadgets as well as which one is taking home a CES Best of Innovation award!

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