Do you enjoy flying drones and shooting video? If so, you’re going to love the amazing XIRO XPLORER MINI—the lightweight and compact photography drone that easily goes everywhere you do and is controlled by your mobile device!

The XIRO XPLORER MINI features an award-winning design that’s roughly the size of a small iPad and it weighs just 430 grams. This makes the Mini super convenient for travel and on-the-go activities like hiking and exploration.

An intuitive flight control system makes the XPLORER MINI extremely easy to fly. Simply download and install the XIRO Xplore App and you’ll be taking to the skies in no time.

With additional features like customized body covers and multi flight control modes(including intelligent flight), the XIRO XPLORER MINI is the perfect personal drone. Whether you’re a drone enthusiast, a photographer, an outdoor explorer, or a digital geek, the XIRO XPLORER MINI is the aerial photography drone for you!


The XIRO XPLORER MINI offers an all-new next-generation flight control system that makes for super easy handing of your drone via your mobile device and the XIRO Xplore App.

What this means is that you don’t need a separate remote for flying, shooting, and recording with your XPLORER Mini. There is no heavy bag to carry around with a clunky controller in it. Simply bring along your Android 4+ or IOS 8.0+ mobile device and drone to fly whenever you like!

The XIRO XPLORER MINI has a convenient motion control mode. In this mode, your mobile device becomes the motion controller and the XPLORER Mini will follow your every movement. This makes flying the XIRO XPLORER MINIeasy, intuitive, and incredibly fun!


If you enjoy photography, you’ll be happy to learn that the XIRO XPLORER Mini’s camera is equipped with XIRO’s most advanced aerial photography lens. This means that you’ll be able to capture all of your most memorable moments in the highest image quality.

In other words, the XPLORER Mini features XIRO’s brand new 13 Megapixel camera (to catch even the most minute details in all your photographs) to capture high definition video at a silky smooth 30fps.

You will be excited by the Mini’s image recognition technology—a unique feature that allows you to identify and automatically focus on people or other objects. In fact, the XIRO XPLORER MINI is the ONLY drone in its size class to offer such a benefit.

Moreover, XIRO’s employment of a GPS/GLONASS dual-satellite positioning system allows the XIRO XPLORER MINI to make use of a highly reliable FollowMe mode for even more fun and convenience.


One of the XPLORER Mini’s key features is the brand new XIRO WI-FI image transmission algorithm with improved built-in antenna. This system allows you to preview video footage live in 720 HD quality to simultaneously adjust your camera and filter settings. Now that’s convenience!

On the power side of the coin, the XPLORER Mini is fitted with a 1650mAh high-power lithium polymer intelligent flight battery. Benefits include a longer battery life and protection against current overload and short circuiting. This means that you’ll never have to worry about battery related issues with your drone!

The XIRO battery also offers low voltage protection and is able to keep its charging temperature under constant control. Furthermore, the battery will not drain or become unusable as you wait to fly your drone next time. Yet another XIRO advantage!

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