Looking for a 4K drone to capture high definition aerial video? The XIRO XPLORER 4K is a package that blends together flight and aerial photography for stunning images from the air. Pilot the drone with a lightweight, ergonomically-designed remote control and shoot quality 4K video from the 3-axis camera gimbal. See it all as it happens on your mobile device with an expansive Wi-Fi range up to over a kilometre away.

Built with safety in mind, the Xplorer 4K is easy to assemble and is programmed to automate flight stability. That means it can follow subjects and avoid obstacles. You will always know where the XIRO XPLORER 4K is, for easy navigation and control.  Enjoy a longer flight with a bigger battery to give you more time to capture amazing scenery.


With a 4K camera onboard, the XIRO XPLORER 4K is built to shoot what you can’t otherwise see easily from the ground. The 3-axis gimbal quickly moves the XIRO camera on command from the controller to accurately capture those once in a lifetime images.

While piloting, you can record video in 4K resolution and shoot still photos at 12-megapixels. Shoot in 4K at 24fps for a cinematic look. Drop it down to 1080p HD and raise the framerate to 120fps for fast action that you can slow down when editing later for dramatic effect.

Save your videos and photos to your mobile device on the fly, so you can get started on editing and sharing them with friends and family.


Safe piloting with the XIRO XPLORER 4K begins with the responsive remote control. Dock your smartphone in the included holster and see the drone’s camera live through the free XIRO XPLORE app.

Equipped with a 2.4GHz range extender, the controller can communicate with the drone up to 1.2 km away. Two joysticks and dedicated buttons offer the compact and intuitive handling you expect, including vibrating alerts for simple and easy drone control.

The XIRO XPLORER 4K heads back to its takeoff point when close to out of range. Automatic takeoff and landing is at your discretion, and with three different flight levels, you can improve your piloting skills over time. Use the “Follow Me” features to set up amazing aerial images that track you or another subject.


The distinctive shape of the XIRO XPLORER 4K is augmented by cutting-edge  industrial design. The modular construction makes it easy to assemble it out of the box and get it up in the air in a short time.

Engineered to easily replace parts or upgrade product functionality with XIRO’s easy assembly design. Adjust the landing gear, letting the gimbal move unobstructed and avoid the camera hitting the ground. Silicone rubber caps at the bottom minimize the vibration caused by high-speed landing.

This drone is meant to last longer because of its unique build quality and engineering. Easy to clean, easy to repair, and easy to upgrade.

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