It’s that same, lovable orange and white Droid companion from Sphero that you know, but with some augmented reality (AI) fun added in for good measure.

Control your BB-8 Droid from a smart device, like a smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, and Windows 10 apps are available), using Bluetooth Smart. Make it move, roll, make noises, and interact with other Star Wars app-enabled Droids by Sphero.

Adding the Droid Trainer to the equation makes for an even more fun and immersive experience. The Sphero BB-8 isn’t just a toy, it’s a companion that will even watch Star Wars movies with you, and react to the scenes.


No need to watch BB-8 24/7. Send it out to explore and patrol the home or area, and the Droid will do its thing, using authentic movements to roll his dome, just like it does on screen in the movies.

BB-8 will roll about, navigating through obstacles as you slide your finger along the screen of the app to control it, checking out its surroundings, and making sure nothing is amiss. If it runs into something strange, BB-8 may stop to investigate, or even have a chat with a person or object using its well-known Droid language.

Even while it’s charging in the base, Sphero BB-8 can move and interact with its environment. For example, place the Droid in its base while you’re watching the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film, and it will react to the scenes as they play out on screen.


With the Droid Trainer and the Sphero app, you and Sphero BB-8 can explore the Star Wars galaxy as if you were right there.

Plus, record and view holographic messages to send an important missive from afar that BB-8 can project and deliver on your behalf.

Augmented reality technology will bring a new, lifelike dimension to the experience, and will be equally fun and engaging for both kids and die-hard adult Star Wars fans. 


If you have other Star Wars app-enabled Droids by Sphero, Sphero BB-8 can interact with them while you sit back and enjoy the show. Gather all of your friends together to watch your BB-8 Droids come to life, and scramble to save the Galaxy.

Yes, this is the Droid you’re looking for.


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