There are only two things you need to achieve your fitness goals: motivation and focus. While the motivation is up to you, focus comes easily thanks to Sony SP700N and Sony SP600N headphones. The Sony SP700N headphones are the world’s first sport true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, while the Sony SP600N headphones are wireless in-ear sports headphones that are comfortable, discrete, and minimize outside distraction.

When you choose Sony SP700N and Sony SP600N headphones you’ll enjoy a cushioned fit and both sweat and splash resistance. Put them on and enjoy your favourite playlists without any outside noise, or switch to Ambient Sound Mode and balance your music with the background noise of the gym or the road in front of you.


Wireless noise-cancelling headphones that keep up with your workout

What’s holding you back from meeting your fitness goals? When you have Sony SP700N or Sony SP600N headphones, your music will continue streaming long after you’re ready to hit the showers.

Sony SP700N wireless headphones fit snugly in your ear without cables and cords, and thanks to BLUETOOTH® technology and NFC2, you can enjoy your favourite workout playlists without being tethered to your phone. If you have a motivational playlist, the Sony SP600N will help you take your workout to the next level. Connect straight to the beat of your music by using noise cancelling to minimize the sound of the gym or noisy environment.


Tap into noise cancelling and reduce the ambient sounds of the gym

There’s a lot of extra noise when you’re working out, from the treadmill next to you, someone taking a phone call, or the sound of weights hitting the bars behind you. These distractions can make you lose focus of your main goal: to put as much effort into your workout as possible.

With the Sony SP700N wireless headphones you can listen to your music without distractions. They are the first true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, letting you enjoy your music without extra ambient noise. If you’d like to blend your music with the environment around you, both the Sony SP700N and the Sony SP600N let you use Ambient Sound Mode for the perfect blend of music and outside noise.


Ambient Sound Mode combines the best of both worlds

Noise cancellation is a great option when you’re in spending time in an environment like the gym. That’s where you feel comfortable enough to block out the world, connect to your music, and really dig deep during your workout. When you’re running outside, being aware of those distractions can keep you safe.

With Ambient Sound Mode on the Sony SP700N and Sony SP600N headphones, you can just tap your headphone to make the choice between noise cancellation and blending the outside world. You can choose normal mode for when you want to stay aware of your surroundings when running outside, or choose voice mode to hear both your music and instruction from your personal trainer or workout buddy.


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