With Samsung’s latest SSD for gaming lineup, you’ll load fast, play fast, and enjoy all the benefits of unreal performance.

Utilizing the latest in advanced V-NAND technology, Samsung SSDs leave other SATA drives in the dust with mind-blowing performance and exceptional reliability. Install a new Samsung SSD for gaming and you’ll be rewarded with advantages including ultra high-speed loading, reduced lag and seamless in-game responsiveness, even when pushing your PC to the limit by multitasking.

Samsung SATA SSDs are made for a massive gaming library with capacities up to 4TB. Compact, M.2 SSDs offer up to 2TB of storage without the hassle of cables. Gamers can even take their library on the road, with a portable T5 SSD for gaming that offers up to 2TB of high performance, mobile storage.


You play to win so every component has to offer cutting edge performance. For storage, that means ditching the hard drive, hybrid drive or older generation solid state storage and upgrading to a lightning-fast Samsung SSD.

Samsung’s latest generation of gaming SATA SSDs outperform traditional hard disk drives by every measurable factor. Install an SSD for gaming and your PC will boot faster, games will load faster, cut scenes will launch immediately, drive noise is eliminated and your entire system will be more responsive.

You can find a Samsung SSD for gaming in multiple form factors, with capacities up to 4TB. Install one of these new SSDs and your gaming rig will leap ahead of the competition, helping your stats to climb higher than ever.


Samsung delivers an SSD for gaming that provides you with fearless performance, whether your rig is in need of a SATA drive, cable-free M.2 form factor, or even a portable external drive.

The pinnacle of ultra-performance in storage is Samsung’s new NVMe SSDs. These drives support a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface to achieve scorching read/write speeds to the tune of 3,500MB/s and 2,700MB/s, respectively. This speed maximizes high end PCs and gaming rigs for butter smooth gameplay even in 4K, with the performance needed to meet or exceed the demanding spec requirements of the latest AAA titles.

With the compact and cable-free M.2 form factor, you can easily install up to 2 TB of Samsung solid state storage to take your gaming to the next level.


As video games get more immersive, with increasingly expansive worlds to explore and 4K HDR detail, install files get bigger. And with typical SATA drives, the time spent waiting for those games to load just gets longer and longer.

With the Samsung T5 portable SSD for gaming, you can not only grow your games library without having to replace your PC’s existing drive, you can take it with you! Whether your platform of choice is a console or a gaming PC, the portable T5 SSD delivers high speed access wherever you need it. Utilizing a USB 3.1 connection and Samsung V-NAND flash memory, the T5 portable SSD supports data transfer speeds up to 540 MB/s and doesn’t require a power adaptor.

With the Samsung T5 portable SSD in capacities up to 2TB, you can continue to expand your video game collection while keeping all your legacy titles, with high speed access to everything.

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