Would you like to experience fast and reliable internet in your entire home? If so, you’ll be happy to learn about the Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi System, which combines whole home Wi-Fi, cybersecurity, and parental controls all into one great package.

With Luma, no matter where you are in your home, you’ll always enjoy lightning-fast response times, and you’ll worry less about threats from internet criminals when conducting your sensitive business (such as online banking).

Taking things one step further, Luma provides useful parental controls to help protect your kids online. Tools like internet content filters and usage limits put you in complete control of what your children see and when they see it, and it’s always easy to manage thanks to the Luma App.

Luma even makes it a breeze to create your own personalized Surround Wi-Fi network. You can also take advantage of the Guardian Subscription, which provides features like Privacy VPN, Device Antivirus, ISP Speed Monitoring, and Premium Support. Luma has simply thought of everything.


There’s nothing more frustrating than weak or spotty internet in certain areas of your home. But now, thanks to Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi, such petty annoyances are simply a thing of the past! With Luma, your entire home is fully blanketed with fast, reliable Wi-Fi—in every single room. Easily access the internet from any part of your home, and fully assure yourself of fast internet no matter the location.

You’ll enjoy super-fast Wi-Fi in every room. It’s strong coverage when and where you need it, with no annoying buffering or frustrating dead zones. You’ll have complete Wi-Fi coverage for all of your connected devices—smart phones, computers, tablets, and even smart home products like lighting devices and thermostats, and it all takes just mere minutes to get your new Wi-Fi system up and running reliably.


Security issues and concerns are a fact of life for anyone using the internet. Thankfully, Luma takes your internet security as seriously as you do, continually checking every connected device on your network for nasty threats like sneaky malware programs. Luma makes sure that your mesh network is always safe and secure. This is the kind of cybersecurity that’s typically employed by large, sophisticated companies, but now it’s protecting you and yours—right from your Wi-Fi router.

Don’t fall prey to internet hackers and scammers. Safely shield all of your smart and connected devices from those who seek to do harm. Send those hackers packing with Luma, by automatically detecting and blocking all of the security threats that target your smart devices. You can sit back and rest assured that every device you use on your Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi network is protected from criminals.


Want to exercise better control over what the little ones in your home see and consume online? In today’s world, it’s certainly a good idea to protect your kids on the internet. And now, with the help of Luma Whole Home Wi-Fi, it’s super easy to keep innocent eyes from seeing what they shouldn’t thanks to useful parental controls. Set G, PG, or PG-13 content filters using the PG rating scale we’re all so familiar with.

You’ll be able to control the types of content that your children can see online, and you can even set and enforce bedtimes (or other internet usage limits) easily. Children need some digital downtime? Simply pause the internet as you choose—and it’s all easily done at the simple touch of a button.

Make meal times and family events extra special by ensuring that everyone’s attention is where it ought to be during these bonding moments—on each other. It’s all easy enough to do via the handy Luma app.


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