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Anyone can put streaming music on a wireless speaker and call it a party, but what happens when you want to go from music, to full-on entertainment for your guests?

That’s where the LG OM7560 1000W Hi-Fi Entertainment System with Karaoke Functionality comes in. This party machine looks like a vertical boombox and features an all-in-one integrated design which includes an amplifier, CD player, tuner, speaker, and light effects.

You can also choose your music and stream from your smartphone or device via Bluetooth and up to three friends can connect at once for the ultimate in DJ power. With 1000 watts of sound, the LG OM7560 is built to get loud. Plus special party settings and built in lighting effects mean this is the only device you’ll need to get the party started and keep it going till dawn.

1000W of power

When you want to get loud, the LG OM7560 1000W Hi-Fi Entertainment System has built-in speakers that can give you what you need. With 1000 watts of power driving your favourite audio, you know this device is built to crank.

Up to three different people can connect at the same time via Bluetooth and build a playlist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Just pick and click; select any song and add it to your playlist.

You won’t get any harsh mixes either, thanks to the Crossfader feature which allows you to DJ with your buddies by mixing songs seamlessly from one audio source to another.

Whether you’re throwing a big shaker at the dorm, playing tunes for a wedding or family event, or just sharing music mixing duties at home, the LG OM7560 1000W Hi-Fi Entertainment System has you covered.

Lights, music and action with Party Thruster

While most people can cobble together a party with even the weakest speakers, no one ever thinks about lighting. But the right lighting can be the difference between a basic hangout and a bash to remember.

The LG OM7560 1000W Hi-Fi Entertainment System has lighting built into the unit, so you can get all kinds of effects without complicated controls or fussy programming interfaces.

There’s a half-disco ball style light near the top but lighting is also part of the speakers themselves, and they change colours too. Get the lights to pulse to the beat or create a random vibe; as the party master, it’s up to you.

Or leave things up to the Party Thruster* controller. Just slide the throttle forward and hear the party build up until you hit maximum where the system goes crazy.

Go karaoke crazy

Love belting out Taylor Swift at the pub? Have you got a mean Dave Grohl impersonation? Turn any song into a karaoke track with the Karaoke Creator feature. It lets you suppress the vocal frequencies of any song, to turn your favourite tune into a wicked karaoke** track. You’ve never had a better chance to test your vocal mettle!

You can also use the LG OM7560 1000W Hi-Fi Entertainment System with Karaoke Creator to change the key of the vocals to better suit the range of the singer, which is an easy way to help anyone sound like a star—even karaoke chickens!

*on select models.
**Microphone not included


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