Listen to your favourite music, everywhere you go, with new iHome Weather Tough Speakers

Thanks to the new iHome Weather Tough Speakers, this will be the summer you’re ready to take your favourite music with you on every adventure. Go ahead and turn it up loud on the boat, the beach, and everywhere in between: portable iHome Weather Tough Speakers stream your playlists via Bluetooth and because they are dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and sandproof, you can take your speaker along for great sound everywhere you go.

You don’t have to be afraid to turn it up loud either. There are 3 models of iHome Weather Tough Speakers, and each gives you powerful, clear sound with a rear-firing passive subwoofer for added bass. Whether you’re covered in sand or taking a swim in the lake, you can still choose your tunes thanks to the melody voice-controlled music assistant that gives you the power to wirelessly control your music.

Go ahead, catch a wave: your iHome Weather Tough will float along

Before iHome Weather Tough Speakers, listening to your favourite music while you’re out in the world wasn’t easy. When a speaker isn’t designed to stand up to any situation, all it takes is one wave or splash and you’d be out shopping for a new one.

That’s not the case with iHome Weather Tough Speakers. Available in three models, these all-weather speakers are designed so you can take them along wherever you go. Even the beach isn’t off limits because iHome Weather Tough Speakers are IP67 certified waterproof and sandproof. All models were also designed with a floatable cabinet, so if you take a dip you don’t have to worry about your speaker sinking into the deep.

iHome keeps the music on for hours

A portable Bluetooth speaker isn’t going to be your constant companion if the battery dies after an hour. With an iHome Weather Tough Speaker in your bag or backpack, you’ll also be able to turn it up loud for hours. All three models of iHome Weather Tough Speakers have a powerful lithium ion battery. Once fully charged it gives you an estimated battery life of 8 hours.

iHome Weather Tough Speaker have you covered if you receive a phone call mid-streaming of your favourite song too. Each model of iHome Weather Tough Speaker can double as a built-in speaker phone, and they even have audio caller ID so even if you’re not near your phone, you’ll know who’s on the line.

iHome Weather Tough gives you spectacular sound in a portable, all-weather package

No matter if you’re cruising out on the ocean or hiking into the backcountry, your iHome Weather Tough Speaker will deliver amazing sound quality in any situation. Available in three different models, each unit features a rear firing passive subwoofer for thumping bass and rich audio for all your playlists. You can choose the model with the power that best suits you: the iHome Weather Tough IBT371 has 5 Watts RMS, while the iHome Weather Tough IBT372 has 10 watts RMS and the iHome Weather Tough IBT374 has a thumping 20 watts RMS.  

The IBT374 also does double duty as a charging bank when you need a quick battery charge on your smartphone, and all models have color accent lighting with 5 colour modes so you can change your speaker’s look to your favourite shade.


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