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Echelon Fitness Overview


Meet Echelon Fitness

Echelon Fitness combines the concept of technology and connected fitness equipment with its mobile app, instructor-led classes, and worldwide community of members. All of these come together to help you focus on your health and overall well-being, supporting you through your fitness journey.

Echelon offers a variety of smart fitness equipment, including bikes, row machines, and fitness mirrors. Echelon’s live and on-demand instructor-led classes, accessed from the Echelon Fit app, include both workouts that can be done while using the equipment as well as ones that don’t require equipment at all.

This allows you to exercise on your own schedule, whether it’s early in the mornings or late at night when you are winding down from a busy day.

Connected fitness equipment to meet your needs

Whether you like stationary bikes or prefer rowers, cardio, or weightlifting, Echelon Fitness has a connected fitness solution to meet your needs.

Echelon Smart Bikes deliver an immersive experience through live and on-demand cycling classes displayed on the built-in screen (or your tablet, depending on the model) and app. Adjust the seat and handlebars and charge your phone while you ride using two USB ports built into the bike’s screen. With 32 levels of silent, magnetic resistance, get a few minutes of low-intensity cycling in while finishing work calls, or disconnect from the office entirely to focus on a high-intensity cardio workout.

On the other hand, foldable Smart Rowers offer a great full-body workout for all ages. Targeting more than 80% of muscles during a session, it’s an efficient, low-impact workout. The foldable Smart Rowers boast 32 levels of resistance and have a built-in device holder to accommodate a tablet up to 12.9 inches. The comfort seat slides and the foot platform adjusts to properly support your hip and spine alignment to ensure maximum results.

Want to exercise without equipment? The Reflect Fitness Mirrors let you keep an eye on your form and see the fitness class itself. The 40-inch mirror syncs with the Echelon Fit app for controlling screen content, while the 50-inch touchscreen mirror displays live and on-demand workouts at the touch of a finger.

Get access to thousands of workouts

With the Echelon United Membership, get access to thousands of on-demand workouts, as well as daily live fitness classes, designed specifically for Echelon equipment. There are also classes you can access without needing any equipment at all, such as Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, HIIT, Meditation, Stretching, and more.

Track performance stats in real-time like distance, speed, calorie burn, and total output for every workout. To help motivate you and bring out your competitive nature, compare performance rankings on the Leaderboard with other Echelon members.

While in a live class, instructors can see your performance stats and Leaderboard ranking in real-time so they can help encourage you to push harder, praise those who are doing well, and adjust the workout to ensure everyone gets maximum benefit.

Exercise to the beat

Most people workout better with music, and Echelon has teamed up with top record labels and artists to provide playlists that keep you amped up while you exercise. This one-of-a-kind fitness experience includes artist-themed classes and exclusive class playlists featuring your favorite chart-topping hits both old and new.

You can take a class to the songs of Lady Gaga, Julia Michaels, or, most recently, Pitbull. Join Echelon and GRAMMY® Award-winning global icon Pitbull for an out-of-this-world fitness experience. The partnership with Pitbull will also include co-branded merchandise, a new custom-written Echelon anthem, and more.

Additionally, there are exclusive programs and challenges, like the Wonder Woman Virtual Race 5K and 10K training programs, or a cycling class that celebrates the upcoming Disney film “Jungle Cruise”.

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