Do you enjoy flying drones and shooting professional quality videos and images with the latest DJI technology? If you’re either a photography buff or a serious drone enthusiast, DJI has just the item for you! It’s called the DJI Mavic Pro, and it’s one of the most capable and innovative drones currently on the market.

Featuring the all-new OcuSync Transmission System (with an impressive 7km range for live streaming of videos), 24 high-performance computing cores, 5 vision sensors (to provide obstacle avoidance), and a 4K camera that’s stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, the DJI Mavic Pro is fully loaded and ready for action.

Add to that an impressive speed (up to 65kph), an amazing battery (27 minutes), and a compact and foldable design that allows the Mavic Pro to be taken practically anywhere, and you’re sure to experience a world of videography and photography enjoyment with this amazing DJI achievement—the perfect photography drone for amateurs and pros alike!


One of the DJI Mavic Pro’s most convenient (and creative) innovations is its unique, foldable design. This compact design allows the Mavic Pro to shrink down to approximately the size of a one litre soda bottle for ease of both storage and transportation.

In other words, the Mavic Pro’s remarkable design allows you to take it with you virtually anywhere you go, whether you’re riding the rails across country, driving somewhere in your car, flying away on a plane, or hiking a mountaintop trail with the drone tucked safely away in your backpack.

You’ll never have to worry about missing out on a scenic landscape, a natural wonder, a thrilling event, or any other filming or photo opportunity whenever you’re on the move, and that’s because the Mavic Pro will always be right there with you, ready to get the perfect bird’s eye shot of whatever speaks to the creative sensibilities of your true photographer’s heart.


The all new OcuSync Transmission System is yet another in DJI’s long list of drone innovations—this time having to do with the controller’s ability to more effectively communicate with the drone itself. The key benefit here is improved transmission rates (and distance) with reduced latency.

This is because the OcuSync Transmission System offers improved resistance to radio interference along with a 7 km transmission range. To achieve this, OcuSync chooses among multiple transmission channels to secure the best possible signal for transmitting your photos or live streaming your videos, which it can do at a resolution of 1080p. 

OcuSync also supports an impressive download rate of up to 40Mb/s, and it can even switch between channels on the fly to keep your live streams running smoothly. 

If you’re looking for a live streaming drone with impeccable video quality and the latest in innovative features, the Mavic Pro is simply as good as it gets. It just might be the last photography drone you ever need to buy.


Another great advantage of the DJI Mavic Pro is its tremendous command of the air—both in terms of its maximum speed and its total flying time on a single battery charge.

The Mavic Pro can reach a top flight speed of 65kph (45mph) when Sport Mode is engaged. This means that you can cover a great deal of ground (from a videography standpoint) in a very short time. Thus, a professional filmmaker might use the Mavic Pro to film something like an exciting high speed car chase.

Equally impressive is the Mavic Pro’s long battery life. You’ll enjoy up to 27 minutes of total flight time on each fully charged battery, meaning you won’t have to worry about being grounded too soon when filming a special event such as an outdoor wedding or a fun family gathering. This makes the Mavic Pro infinitely useful, and absolutely one of the best performing drones to ever take to the sky!


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