Now you have a monitor that not only curves to create a more immersive viewing experience, but also puts you in total control. You decide how you want to see whatever is in front of you on the ASUS VZ27VQ curved monitor. You won’t need to strain your eyes anymore with ASUS Eye Care technology at your fingertips. With all the presets and viewing modes at your pleasure, viewing standards are totally up to your preferences.

Its 27-inches of 1080p Full HD with vibrant colours and a wide 178-degree viewing angle. All on a curved ultra-slim frame that’s easy to set up. Multiple ports provide flexibility to plug in different components, while built-in 2W stereo speakers complement the experience.


Your eyes will thank you when avoiding harmful blue light. ASUS Eye Care has it covered with four blue-light filter settings that you can toggle through at will. Access them through the onscreen display menu via the hotkey.

It gets better with ASUS’ Flicker-free technology. Rheinland-certified for optimal performance, the VZ27VQ curved monitor reduces flicker for a comfortable viewing experience. That helps minimize damaging ailments when gaming or watching favourite videos for long hours in front of a display.

Between the exclusive ultra-low blue-light and flicker-free technologies, you have a monitor made to keep you focused for longer stretches. No more eye strain, no more feeling the fatigue.


The VZ27VQ curved monitor has the goods to keep you engaged when looking at pretty images. The Full HD 1080p resolution gets a further boost from a static 3000:1 contrast ratio and fast 5ms response time for crisp, clear picture quality with reduced ghosting effects.

Choose from 8 viewing modes to match the content you’re watching, and take it a step further selecting one of the 4 colour temperature modes. Use the GamePlus mode and its support for crosshair/timer mode to push your gaming experience even further.

Expect to see vibrant and lifelike images with wide viewing angles that have minimal distortion and colour shift, no matter where you sit.


The VZ27VQ curved monitor doesn’t have to go solo. It can be a key part of a multi-display setup, which is easy to set up. Measuring just 8.6mm at its thinnest point, the ultra-slim, frameless design takes up less space.

Configure setup your way using the D-Sub, HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to connect with various devices. Plug in your favourite headphones into the dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack to personalize the audio experience, or plug in a dedicated speaker to give it more ambience.

Go all out. Set up two or three monitors together for a panoramic display that would fully immerse you into the action. Every point on the curved display is equidistant to your eyes, so you feel comfortable during marathon gaming sessions.


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  1. Looks like a great low end HD Screen….
    If it’s possible to upgrade to
    4K screen and 8w speakers or 12w speakers I would get this product in a heartbeat!

    Hope it’s priced under 900$ CAN

    • On a 27inch monitor from about 3-4 feet away the human eye cant tell the difference between 1080 and 4k. So to answer your question: Anyone would be totally fine with 1080p desktop monitor.


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