Save hundreds1 when you add Shaw Mobile to your Shaw Internet today.

Get exclusive savings, connect more devices, and always have access to a worry-free high speed connection when you bundle Shaw Fibre+ Internet with Shaw Mobile. With Mobile plans from $0/mo2 or Unlimited plans starting a $25/mo3 for 25GB Fast LTE on up to six lines, everyone can get what they want.

Plus, when you’re with Shaw Fibre+ Internet you’ve got Unlimited data so you can stream, vlog, game, and videoconference to your heart’s content. With the power of next-gen Wi-Fi 6 technology, all your connected devices enjoy lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds, throughout your entire home without worrying about distance, interference, or even multiple devices streaming simultaneously.

All-new Shaw Gig WiFi

Your home has more connected devices than ever. Smartphones, smart TVs, video streamers, security cameras, smart speakers, game consoles. The list goes on, and it keeps growing. At the same time, bandwidth demand just keeps going up. If you’re tired of 4k video that’s constantly buffering, cameras that drop off your network, online video games that lag, or video conferences that keep freezing, it’s time to discover Gig WiFi, with the power of Wi-Fi 6 technology and Shaw’s fastest Internet speeds.

Shaw Gig WiFi performance starts with Shaw’s Fibre+ Gateway 2.0, which delivers fast and reliable home Wi-Fi to even more devices. Shaw’s most advanced modem with Wi-Fi 6 technology means Wi-Fi traffic is intelligently routed to even the hardest to reach corners, interference from your neighbour’s networks is a non-issue, and the many computers, phones, tablets, and smart devices in your home can connect at once without fighting for bandwidth.

Additionally, Shaw’s Home app gives parents total control over screen time, with the ability to set usage limits, pause Wi-Fi, dinner time and bedtime schedules, all by user profile or device.

Add Mobile, Save a Bundle

Today’s families often have multiple phones and the cost of having everyone connected can quickly add up. With Shaw Mobile, you can have up to six lines, each with its own plan. Bring your own device or choose from the hottest new smartphones. With an eligible Internet and Mobile bundle plan, you can save hundreds1 compared to a mobile-only plan.

Choose from popular options like $0/mo2 By the Gig Talk & Text4, or enjoy even bigger savings with the $25/mo3 Unlimited plan. And all Shaw Mobile plans include unlimited talk and text in Canada. They also include unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging when connected to the Shaw or Nationwide Networks3.

Worry-free coverage across Canada

With a plan from Shaw Mobile, you can count on being able to connect wherever you are in Canada. Shaw’s fast, reliable LTE network supplemented by our Nationwide network partners stretches across the country, from coast to coast. In addition, Shaw Mobile is the only Mobile network service that automatically and seamlessly connects to over 450,000 Wi-Fi hotspots located across Canada, Canada’s largest Wi-Fi network infact. The use of Wi-Fi hotspots means that your connection speed is always the fastest possible, and it also means you save big on data.

Terms & Conditions

1. Based on eligible Internet and Mobile bundle plan from Shaw compared to a Mobile-only plan. Auto payment and approved credit required.
2. Shaw Fibre+ Internet customers are eligible to receive a $15 credit per month on the $15 By The Gig plan. Auto payment and approved credit required. A Shaw Internet bundle discount is available on up to a total of 6 lines, based on approved credit. A one-time connection fee of $35 applies to each new line activation or hardware upgrade. Offer and connection fee are subject to change or cancellation without notice. You may purchase By The Gig Data one-time passes $10 per 1GB, valid for up to 90 days, which can be used on the Shaw or Nationwide Networks. Pay-per-use, one-time passes and additional add-on charges are extra and may change without notice.
3. Speeds reduced beyond 25GB fast LTE data. Shaw Fibre+ Gig Internet customers are eligible to receive a $60 discount per month on the $85 Unlimited and $95 Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico plans. Auto payment and approved credit required. A Shaw Internet bundle discount is available on up to a total 6 lines, based off approved credit. A one-time connection fee of $35 applies to each new line activation or hardware upgrade. Offer and connection fee are subject to change or cancellation without notice. If you change or downgrade your Shaw Internet plan, you will migrate to the current in-market Shaw Internet bundle discounts applicable to your new Internet plan. This may result in a change to your existing discounts on each Shaw Mobile line and your existing discounts may be unrecoverable. See for current in-market discounts available for your Shaw Mobile plans. Taxes, government fees and pay-per-use charges are extra.
4. All plans include unlimited incoming talk & outgoing Canada-wide talk from the Shaw or Nationwide Networks to Canadian phone numbers. Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico includes unlimited incoming talk & unlimited outgoing talk to Canadian, U.S. & Mexico numbers while in Canada (on the Shaw or Nationwide Networks) and, while in the U.S., to the U.S. and back to Canada, or, in Mexico, to Mexico or back to Canada. Additional pay-per-use long distance charges may apply. For example, while roaming in the U.S., calls to Mexico will incur additional long-distance charges. While roaming in the U.S. or Mexico on the Unlimited + U.S. & Mexico your data access will be halted after 2GB unless additional one-time passes are purchased. Additional details can be found in our Fair Usage Policy.

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