April 1 dog whispererBest Buy is very pleased to be able to announce a new addition to its selection of pet supplies online. Coming April 1st 2022: the Insignia Woof Whisperer—a revolutionary talking dog collar!

Your dog wears it on his or her neck just like any collar, but this collar can translate barking into English or French. Want to know whether your dog likes the new food you just bought, with the Woof Whisperer, now he can tell you. No more wondering why he’s barking up a tree—you’ll know!

How can a talking dog collar translate barks

Using the latest in MRI technology, scientists have discovered that a human brain and a dog brain are very similar in how they process many types of information, including language. Dogs have similar emotion and language centres to humans. Neurological responses that become barking, growling, and whining from a dog, can now be translated accurately into simple phrases we can understand.

With the Insignia Woof Whisperer, your dog’s brain will do all the talking. There’s only a 5ms lag between when your dog barks and when the collar lets you know what they’re saying. You’ll know the collar is working when it lights up after your dog barks, and the built-in speaker will emit their “voice” so you can clearly hear what your dog has to say.

Why your dog needs an Insignia Woof Whisperer Talking Dog Collar

You know that feeling you get when you’re trying to convey a point or explain your thoughts and someone doesn’t understand you? Communication can be stressful when you’re not on the same page, and that’s how dogs must feel all the time.

With an Insignia Woof Whisperer, you’ll be able to take the stress out of dog to human communication and enjoy a better relationship with your dog. When you first activate this talking dog collar, you’ll be amazed at how much closer you and your dog will become. Your dog will no longer need to bark repeatedly to get their point across—you’ll know if they are hungry, want to go for a walk, etc.

Choose the perfect size and style for your dog

The Insignia Woof Whisperer is lightweight and safe for small to large dogs.

  • Stylish, modern design is available in red, blue, pink, and black
  • Sleek, no button tag glows brightly so it’s easy to see on furry dogs
  • IPX7 rating so it’s waterproof and dust resistant if Fido wants to take a jump in the pond or roll in the dirt
  • 90DB speaker provides loud, clear audio output you’ll be able to hear at a distance of up to 30 feet (audio volume/language customizable via the Whisperer app)
  • Change your dog’s voice to male, female, or change their accent from Canadian to British or Australian
  • Long lasting battery life gives you up to 72 hours of talk time with your dog and charges in as little as one hour with the included USB-C charger

Find out if your dog’s bark is worse than his bite

With the Insignia Woof Whisperer, you’ll never have to wonder what your dog is really thinking–you’ll just know. You can build a stronger emotional connection with your dog and enjoy his or her company on the same level you would with a human friend, only this friend is loyal, fun, and relies on you for his or her every want and need.

The newest addition to Best Buy’s selection of pet supplies online is coming soon. Be sure to use this promo code when ordering: “April 1st Special”!

Tell us in the comments: what are you hoping to learn about your dog once you get the Insignia Woof Whisperer?

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