juicesOver the past few years, juicing has gone from squeezing out a couple oranges into a cup to running every fruit and vegetable in your refrigerator through a juicing machine to make a super-health concoction. If you’re not juicing yet, it’s time to get on board! There are tons of advantages to juicing. When you extract just the juice from various fruits and vegetables you are getting a concentrated form of nutrients and energy rich liquid that you are able to drink and process immediately without having to wait for your body to digest it, like you would if you ate the fruit or vegetable. This is perfect for when you want to detoxify your body or give your digestive system a rest without missing out on essential vitamins and nutrients. However, many people feel as though juicing results in you losing out on the remaining fiber that is left behind in the pulp from juicing. I agree, but to avoid missing out of this try throwing your juicing pulp in your next smoothie or soup to give it an extra fiber filled boost!

When deciding on a new small appliance, like a juicer, I always read the customer reviews first. There’s no way to try them first before you buy – I mean it’s not like I can bring a bunch of carrots into a store and juice them all on different machines! So I rely on customer reviews to see how it really works when you unpack it at home. So to help you out, I have looked through our juicer collection and narrowed down the top 5 juicers based on our Best Buy customer reviews:

  1. Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer

Juicing 1.jpg

This upright masticating juicer from Kuving is well worth the investment. Mastication literally means to “chew” – this powerful juicer crushes and chews fruits and vegetables to remove all the nutrients from the remaining pulp to give you fresh juice in seconds! The feeding tube is designed to handle full sized fruits and veggies so that you don’t have to do any pre-cutting or chopping and the resulting juice will be rich and filled with enzymes and nutrients. The plastic components are BPA-free so your juice is guaranteed to be clean and free of chemicals and the internal design and included patented cleaning tool makes clean up a breeze!


Steve from Montreal, QC says this Kuving juicer is the key to his health:

“I purchased this item roughly 3months ago and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!! Smiley Wink truly happy and whilst I did extensive research on which juicer to buy, I found this one to fit my needs and it surpassed them, I use this juicer every day and its benefits are endless, great health is the best start to my every day and this juicer does it for me and if you have any questions on this product, their Kuvings team online is a great support team, they’ve answered all my questions promptly with superb knowledge, I am very happy with my decision and purchase!! THANKS KUVINGS Smiley Wink


  1. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Juicing 3.jpg

This easy to assemble juicer sits at the lowest price point of any of the juicers on this list, but with some of the highest ratings! Like the Kuving, the Hamilton Beach’s wide mouth will take full sized fruit and veggies without you having to chop them into smaller pieces. The extra-large pulp bin also lets you juice for longer before you have to empty. When you’re done, this easy to clean machine is dishwasher safe and the included cleaning brush will let you quickly clean any hard to reach places.

Richard from Edmonton, AB loved the amount of juice he got from the Hamilton Beach:

“Just bought this tonight, and tried carrot juice! I was extremely surprised with the amount of juice, as having watched many videos and whatnot on other juicers they didn’t seem to produce as much! The pulp was extremely dry and very fine. Cleaning is a breeze, the entire thing comes apart into 6 pieces, and the plastic seems very good. The price is good, and the juice is great. A+ and I definitely recommend this product.”

  1. Breville Citrus Juicer

Juicing 4.jpg


Not everyone is into juicing everything under the sun. If you’re a purist and prefer just citrus fruits, the Breville Citrus Juicer is for you! It has an active arm and a Quadra-Fin juicing cone that will accommodate any size of citrus fruit. The Drip Stop Spout that can be put up to avoid unwanted drips. This durable, high-quality juicer also has two stainless steel filters so you can control the amount of pulp that enters into your juice.

Alison from Regina, SK has been using it for a month and loves it!“So far (one month of daily use) this juicer has more than met our expectations. It is easy to use and much quieter than the smaller, less expensive juicers we had been using (and that broke down after a year or two). It is mostly easy to clean and it is solid enough that it doesn’t jump around while in use. It is a far better juicer than other models we have been using, and since we make a lot of fresh citrus juice in season, it is worth the expense.”
  1. Breville Juice Fountain Compact Electric Juicer

Juicing 5.jpg

This smaller juicer is designed to save counter space without sacrificing power. The mesh filter basket has 2 blades and 115 conical knives and is spun at 13,000 RPM by a 700-watt motor, allowing it to juice a full sized apple in 3 seconds. The heavy duty plastic makes this product durable and the overall design makes it incredibly easy to clean.

Tory from Greely, ON quickly learned that this small juicer packs a big punch:

“When we decided to purchase a juicer, we saw this Breville juicer and though it looked good. We were a bit thrown off by “compact” being in the title and worried that it might not be powerful enough but we were wrong. It is very powerful, easy to clean and turns out awesome juice. Highly recommend. And we’ve been making lots of neat things with the leftover pulp – granola bars seem to be the winner so far!”

  1. Breville Juice Fountain

Juicing 6.jpg

This juicer will help you help you make a week’s worth of juice in minutes. The 900 watt motor turns up to 13, 000 RPM and the filter is made of a durable stainless steel micro mesh, making it effective at completely removing the juice prior to disposing of the pulp. Speaking of pulp, the massive 2 liter pulp container will let you juice longer before having to dispose of the pulp. This juicer also comes with a 1 liter juice container with a froth separator so you can store your fresh juice in the fridge.

Fat Rabbit from Maple, ON has been juicing like crazy since they got the Breville Juice Fountain:
“The reviews on this thing are not lying. I just bought it 2 hours ago and have juiced like crazy, filling bottle after bottle for this weeks’ lunches. I’m tired of drinking chemical energy drinks so I’m trying juices and I’m pretty wired right now. It assembles and cleans up super easy (3 minutes by hand and I never do dishes). No mess from the machine as it works, no drips or leaks anywhere. Pulp is pretty dry, I’m happy it’s not wasting the juice.”



There you have it! The top 5 juicers as rated by consumers like you! Juicing is a great way to integrate more fruit and vegetable intake into your day. By extracting just the juice with one of these high-quality juicers, you are able to get a concentrated form of nutrients that is easy to digest and full of energy!

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