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Everyone has that vision of receiving a big gift for Christmas, something so big that it can’t be wrapped but simply presented. A big, red bow is always a must in these cases. While a new car might be out of the budget this year, a fancy, new eBike could be a welcome gift for someone who is into riding. Electric bikes are ironically both suitable for active individuals and those who aren’t quite as active. And with plenty of options in the category, you’re sure to find an electric bike that will be perfect for that special someone.

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Why give an electric bike as a gift?

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First, why an electric bike versus a standard bicycle? I discussed the many benefits of electric bikes, which include getting that little extra push to go further and/or faster. This can be useful for scaling big hills, going longer distances than they might otherwise travel on a bike, or even simply making it through a shorter route that wasn’t possible before due to lack of energy or endurance. For city commuters who are sick of being stuck in traffic, not to mention rising gas prices, they’re a welcome alternative. And of course, electric bikes also encourage you to get outside and get some exercise.

An electric bike is a perfect gift for someone who is looking for an exciting new way to exercise, who commutes in the city, or even for those who might ride on trails or in the country. As an alternative to a car, an electric bike is a more energy efficient, not to mention affordable, means of transportation. And they can help you get from Point A to Point B, whether it’s the local corner store, a friend’s house, or even to work or school, much faster than with a standard bicycle thanks to the boost of power electric bikes provide.

Choosing the right ebike for your loved one

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Once you decide to get someone special an ebike (perhaps even getting yourself one, too, so you can ride together!), then comes the decision on which model to get. See our tips on finding the right type of ebike for you. They come in the same types as regular bicycles, including city and commuter bikes, cruiser bikes, cargo bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and off-road/rugged terrain bikes.

A good rule of thumb is to consider what type of standard bike they would typically get (or maybe already own) and get the electric equivalent. You’ll also want to consider a foldable model if they live in an apartment, for example, have a small garage, live where there’s inclement weather that makes riding all year ‘round out of the question, or travel often up to the cottage or other places where they might want to ride as well away from home.

After that, you’ll need to consider the type of rider they are (power or casual, for example) and whether to get an electric bike that offers pedal assist alone or one that has a throttle assist option, too. Looking at pedal assist vs. throttle assist, pedal-assist electric bikes run only when the rider is pedalling while throttle assist includes a button or trigger that makes the bike go even while you’re not moving your legs, similar to cruise control in a car.

Electric Bike Sizing chart

It’s also important to choose the right size ebike for the person. If the gift will be a surprise, simply use their existing bicycle (if they have one) to take measurements or try to get a close friend or family member to get the sizing for you. You can also go by height to get a general idea of the right fit.

A man riding a Swft electric bikeEverything you need to know about ebikes

If you need help choosing or want more details about the types of electric bikes available along with their many benefits and features, check out our detailed electric bike buying guide. It has everything you’d need to find the perfect ebike for a special someone on your list this holiday season.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, check out a wide selection of ebikes at Best Buy Online.

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