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Having a good printer is a must when you’re a student or you work at home. Although we can sign and transfer contracts digitally, nothing replaces having a paper copy of important documents. That’s why on Day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas, I’m taking a look at the Epson EcoTank printer. It’s an environmentally-friendlier printer that produces less waste than a traditional inkjet. Here’s why it made our list this year and why you may want to make the switch to a printer that’s more sustainable.

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Reviews of Epson EcoTank printers

Day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas is the Epson EcoTank ET-4850

epson ecotank 4850

I’ve tested out quite a few Epson printers and scanners and I’ve always found they are easy to set up, easy to use and work with an app so you can print from your phone. The ink cartridges on traditional Epson printers are designed to avoid waste, but the Epson EcoTank takes it one step further with refillable ink tanks.

Refillable ink tanks last up to 2 years

If you use the XL ink cartridges on a traditional inkjet printer, you might get a few months of use per cartridge. With an Epson EcoTank, you can print on a regular basis and your ink should last up to 2 years. The Epson EcoTank ET-4850 includes refillable ink bottles. When you’re setting up the printer you’ll tip the ink bottle onto the corresponding ink tank and fill it up. The design of the bottle makes the entire process easy, and the ink will stop flowing on its own when the tank is full. Once you’ve filled up your ink tanks you can print contracts and photos, or make copies.

One of the best parts of this model of Epson printer is that the ink supply reduces plastic waste and ink replacement costs by up to 90%. That makes it a much more sustainable option than a traditional printer.

You can print everything with an Epson EcoTank

epson ecotank printer

In my experience with an Epson EcoTank printer, everything prints out crisp and clear. Colours are very vibrant, and I could print off everything from photos to stickers and labels.

One of the reasons why the prints turn out so bright and colourful is because of a feature Chris tested out on the Epson EcoTank 4850. It’s called Precisioncore heat-free technology. It produces the best possible image quality, prints quickly, and reduces stress on printer components by using lower temperatures than traditional inkjet printers.

With the Epson EcoTank ET-4850 you have access to the same features as a traditional inkjet printer. There’s black and white or colour printing, two-sided printing, and a scanner and fax machine built in. The scanner offers 1200 x 2400 DPI resolution, and it’s nice that there is an option to send a fax if you need one.

Smart features on Epson EcoTank ET-4850

With the Epson EcoTank ET-4850 you can connect your printer to your voice assistant and use voice commands to print. You can also print from the Epson app on your phone or via AirPrint. One of my favourite features of the Epson app is the built-in templates to turn your photos into art. You can add stickers or frames or print greeting cards.

You can read more about the latest inkjet printers and what they can do in the printer buying guide.

Take a look at the Epson EcoTank printer

If you’re looking for a gift idea for someone who works at home or a family who needs an easy-to-use printer that’s a bit more sustainable than standard inkjets, take a look at the Epson EcoTank. It’s easy to use, and I love how it reduces ink cartridge waste. You can find it right now at Best Buy.

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  1. Can’t go Wrong with a New Printer. My Old one has seen its Days & needs to be replaced. Thank You Best Buy for a Great Giveaway.

  2. Shortly before covid I bought a standard ink jet because it was cheap. It was a mistake. Spent more on ink since then than on the original printer. Next time I’m buying something like one of these ecotanks.


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