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BBQ Buying guide

The BBQ buying guide

Choosing a BBQ is easy when you use this BBQ guide to take all of the guesswork out of making your choice between propane, gas, or charcoal.
Napoleon Barbecue lifestyle

What every BBQ beginner needs to know

No one is born a grill master. If you're new to barbequing, here's how to decide which BBQ and accessories you'll need to get started.

Ultimate Beginner’s Barbecue Guide

Nothing beats grilling up your food over an open flame, so I’m going to help you choose the right BBQ for you with my Ultimate Beginner’s Barbecue Guide.
A man grilling on a Costway grill.

Father’s Day gift ideas that dad will love

Looking for the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day? Whether he loves to game, relax with some tunes, barbecue, or go for a run, we have you covered.
how to patio on a budget

Design the perfect patio on a budget

Patio season is taking off and today I'm talking about how you can use patio furniture to create a patio that doesn't break your budget.

How to set up your outdoor patio for high-tech entertainment

Outdoor living comes naturally during the Spring and Summer months. Here's how you setup a high-tech outdoor living space.
Energy star appliances

How to save energy with new appliances

There are many ways you can save energy in your home year round. Using ENERGY STAR rated appliances are one of my top tips.

Appliances to take outside for your next party

There's nothing like outdoor cooking. When the sun comes out, here are some appliances to take outside to create an outdoor kitchen.
Anker Soundflare portable speaker review

Anker Soundcore Flare 2 wireless portable speaker review

With 360-degrees sound, LED lights, and multi-speaker compatibility, the Anker Soundcore Flare 2 is a versatile, mid-range portable speaker with heavy bass.

Knives 101 – Different Knives for Different Uses

A few days ago I went grocery shopping, and as I was paying, the cashier asked me if I was collecting stamps. “Stamps for what?” I asked. “Stamps for new knives” she enthusiastically replied. To be honest, I’d never really given much thought to knives before. I mean, I have a set that I got when I first moved out many moons ago, but I took my stamp and went on my merry way. Later, I was flipping through the knife brochure that came with my stamp and after about page 6, I started thinking – why are there so many different types? What knife is for what? Do you really need 18 or will two do? As it turns out, you do! Here’s a breakdown of what makes one knife different from another.

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