Withings is known for its wide variety of products meant to help users improve and/or monitor their health. The company offers gear like activity trackers, thermometers, body scales, and blood pressure monitors, many of which work together as a full ecosystem.

Withings Activity Trackers and Smartwatcheswithings-activite-smartwatch

The Withings Activite Smartwatch is designed to look like a classic analog wristwatch, crafted by Parisian designers using high-end Swiss materials, including a scratch-proof sapphire glass window, stainless steel watch case, and fine calf leather wristband that can be swapped out for the sport strap if you want to use it while swimming or working out – it’s water-resistant up to 50 metres. But it houses some high-tech features inside, including the ability to measure steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep patterns, and more. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, its lithium-ion button cell battery lasts for up to eight months so you don’t have to worry about constantly recharging it. Use it with the Health Mate app to create a full activity and wellness plan, and set goals that you want to achieve, whether it’s to be more active, or withings-activite-pop-smartwatchsimply get more sleep. It comes in both classic black, or a more fashionable brown. For a more sophisticated look, there’s also the Steel edition, which has chrome hands, a silicone strap, and high-end stainless steel finish.

The Activite Pop Smartwatch offers a similar traditional analog face, but is not Swiss made, and comes with a silicone wristband. For a look with a bit more “pop” (pun intended), it also comes in bright pink.

For additional wearing options beyond the wrist, there’s the Go Activity Tracker, which can be worn around the wrist, or attached to a belt, clipped to a shirt, or even kept safely tucked away in your pocket. It incorporates a simple E-Ink face, and offers smart withings-go-activity-trackercapabilities. For example, rather than pressing a button to activate a specific sports mode, like running, it will automatically detect what you’re doing, whether it’s running, walking, or swimming, and record relevant data. Once you’ve met your goal, a congratulatory star will appear on the screen. When you just want basic watch functions, press the screen and it will flip to a basic watch face for telling time. It is water-resistant up to 50 metres, and tracks all of the basics, including steps, distance, calories, and sleep. And like the others, it runs on the same replaceable button cell battery that runs for up to eight months. It, too, works with the Health Mate app for browsing through daily summaries and adjusting settings, and can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to both iOS and Android devices. Swimmers, particularly, might appreciate the more aquatic look of the device in a blue and white finish, while those with a bold fashion sense might like it in bright green and white or yellow and white. Or, why not show some patriotic pride with the unit finished in red and white?

Withings Smart Thermometer

withings-thermo-smart-temporal-thermometerWithings allows you to take the temperature of a sick person who might be running a fever without any contact with the body whatsoever. Rather, with its Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer, simply sweep the device across the forehead to get a temperature reading. There’s no need to place it in the ear, on the tongue, under the arm, or elsewhere. Not only does this make taking a baby’s temperature while he’s fast asleep much easier, but it’s also more sanitary. The device uses HotSpot Sensor technology that includes 16 infrared sensors that take more than 4,000 measurements to give you an accurate reading in just two seconds. The temperature reading appears on the LED, with colour coding that indicates whether it’s normal, elevated, or high. The data syncs to a smartphone app wirelessly, either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so you can store a history, which can come in handy at a doctor’s visit, for example.

Withings Smart Scales

withings-body-cardio-wifi-bluetooth-smart-scaleAdored by celebrities like Penn Jillette, who’s demonstrated some dramatic weight loss over the past few years crediting it, in part, to the use of a Withings scale, the Withings Body Cardio Wi-Fi Bluetooth Smart Scale is one of the latest in the company’s line. It’s considered “smart” because it doesn’t just weigh you and record the data in an app, but will also offer insights into your cardiovascular health, measuring heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity, which is a medically recognized indicator of heart health. With this data, you can better determine how to adjust your lifestyle to improve not just weight, but overall health. And beyond just the traditional weight in pounds, it will also provide body fat and BMI, water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass. It’s both Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-equipped so it can send data directly to the Health Mate app on a compatible iOS or Android smartphone. Use one for the entire family, since it can recognize up to eight users. And its look is a vast improvement from the standard and boring white scales: it has a flat aluminum base with no feet, heat-tempered glass, and is just 0.7” thin. As an added bonus, it can also provide local weather reports, so you can dress appropriately after weighing yourself post morning shower.

withings-wifi-body-scaleAnother scale in the ecosystem is the WiFi Body Scale, which is a bit simpler in feature set, but still high-tech in terms of its operation. It uses Position Control technology to measure your body composition, and let you know not only your weight, but BMI, total body fat, hydration level, and bone and muscle mass. It will show relevant stats so you can determine if you need to shed some pounds, build more muscle mass, or should be drinking more water. It also shows the weather, and connects with the Health Mate app, and has integrated nutrition tracking so you can set goals to ensure you adjust your diet to promote good health. Set your goal weight, and it will calculate how many calories you should be consuming each day in order to achieve it in a set period of time. Like the Smart Scale, it can work with up to eight users. It runs on four easily-replaceable AAA batteries that will last for up to a year before they need replacing. A simple, yet important feature, are things like personalized advice, badges, and reward animations that will help motivate you to keep on the right path.

Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

withings-bluetooth-blood-pressure-monitorHigh or low blood pressure is something many face today. So much so that it’s not enough to monitor it at every doctor’s visit or whenever you happen to pass by the local pharmacy that has a monitor for customers to use. Withings’ Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor is fully wirelessly, and fits around your arm to measure your blood pressure. The data is then sent to the Health Mate app on an iOS or Android device so you can keep a record to show the doctor, or detect any unusual patterns, or rapid rises and/or falls. Medically approved in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, you will also see the reading right on the unit itself, including colour-coded feedback. Particularly for older folks who worry about blood pressure, it’s a perfect unit to keep in your bag to take measurements as needed or desired for peace-of-mind.

withings-appSmart Devices Working together

All of the aforementioned products work together with the Health Mate app so you track and get a full look at your health and wellness in a single spot on your mobile device.


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