There are three features often sought out in headphones: wireless connectivity, noise-cancelling capability, and the ability to play back hi-res music files. And the Sony MDR1000X offers them all.

You can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Adjust noise-cancellation based on where you are through various modes and touch sensors, accommodating your needs whether you’re on a plane or walking down the street. And they play back music in its purest form: Hi-Res Audio.

A touch sensor control panel on the right earcup not only lets you adjust noise cancelling, but can also be used to control music, including play/stop, track control, and volume adjust.

With up to 20 hours of battery life, they come with a soft synthetic leather housing and earpads for a comfortable fit. When you’re done listening, the earcups swivel to pack away neatly in the included hard carrying case.


Rather than block out all surrounding noise, or let everything in, the Sony MDR1000X boasts a number of features that allows you to hear the sounds you want at any given time.

There are several ways to do this. With the Quick Attention function, place your hand over the right earcup to hear conversations, like the person next to you on the train asking a question, or the flight attendant offering you more coffee.

Two Ambient Sound Modes include Normal and Voice. Normal Mode allows you to hear everyday sounds like traffic, while still listening to music. This is ideal if you’re walking around a busy city, but want to remain aware of your surroundings. Voice Mode makes sure you can still catch important announcements, such as flight information over the PA in an airport or a bell ring at school.


The Sony MDR1000X headphones are fully wireless. Connect them to your mobile device using Bluetooth or simply tap them to an NFC device for easy pairing. Built-in LDAC enhanced codec support can deliver three-times more data (at a rate of 990kbps) than traditional Bluetooth Audio, maintaining a near hi-res experience while streaming.

The integrated mic lets you make and receive phone calls from a connected smartphone as well. Tap the right earcup to answer an incoming call, have your conversation, and then tap it again to hang up.

You can listen to music wirelessly for up to 20 hours—jump on a cross-country flight and back without missing a beat, or needing a recharge.


Thanks to the 40mm high-sensitivity driver with a frequency response up to 40 kHz, you’ll get Hi-Res Audio playback from compatible music tracks, hearing every detail just as the artist intended.

Even with lower-resolution files, the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) upscales compressed digital music files like MP3, AAC, ATRAC, and WMA, so you get that much closer to true hi-res sound.

Plus, S Master HX technology helps reduce distortion, so you can hear every nuance and detail in your favourite tracks.

*Multi-dimensional sound quality may vary based on original sound source feed. Optimal sound depends on various factors including speaker placement, ceiling height and material.
**Optimal sound depends on various factors including speaker placement, ceiling height and material.

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