Do you enjoy documenting the best moments of your life in pictures and then sharing those images on social media? If so, you’re certainly not alone. But sometimes you want more dynamic images, like shooting at an angle that isn’t accessible from ground level. For times like these, there’s the ROVA Selfie Drone!

The ROVA is a 12MP flying camera that’s safe, convenient, and easy to operate, allowing you to shoot video and take photos from whatever position or angle you wish. With ROVA, you’ll capture video and images you never thought possible.

You’ll also no longer have to kill your smart phone’s battery by relying on its camera for your on-the-go footage, and you won’t have to carry a large, professional quality camera to get great video and images either. Simply grab your ROVA Selfie Drone, with its 16GB Micro SD card and hard-shell carrying case, and you’ll be 100% ready for every selfie scenario!



The ROVA Selfie Drone makes taking selfies fast and fun! With 8 minutes of flying time per battery charge (and per battery—the ROVA comes with 2 of them), you’ll be able to get the perfect shot at just the right moment!

Also adding to the ROVA’s ease of use is the free ROVA App, which you can easily download at your own convenience. Use the ROVA App to control your drone and assist you in getting super shots.

Of course, With ROVA, your options are never limited! The ROVA Selfie Drone actually allows you to select your preferred flying method. You can choose between the motion control option and the joystick flying option. With ROVA, you get freedom through choice—and that’s just straight up convenient!


If you enjoy sharing photos with friends on social media, you’re going to love the ROVA Selfie Drone! With its 12MP camera (and built-in flash), you’ll be able to capture all of the most important moments in your life in crystal clarity and then easily share them.

What’s more, ROVA offers 1080P video capabilities that allows you to record great footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second, so you’ll never miss a split second of the action. With the ROVA Selfie Drone, you can tell your story, your way, in both video and photographs—and all with the greatest of ease!

And, thanks to ROVA’s included battery charger and USB cable, you can easily recharge your ROVA while you’re out and about. Of course, you may not even need to, seeing as how the ROVA comes with a second (backup) battery that you can keep charged and ready for action at a moment’s notice, allowing you to easily extend your flying (and filming) time!


If you’ve been wary of operating photography drones in the past because of their numerous complicated features and large, biting propellers, you’ll love the ROVA’s ease-of-use and built-in safety features.

Take, for example, ROVA’s fully enclosed propellers. The polycarbonate frame keeps the props from being exposed around the outer edges of the drone. This can prevent both injury and property damage if you accidentally hit something (or someone) while flying your ROVA Drone.

But any such incident is less likely thanks to the built-in obstacle avoidance. Additionally, ROVA is the only drone that comes with removable bumpers. These are kind of like training wheels for drones: pop them onto the edges to protect your ROVA from bumps and scrapes while you are learning, then remove them once you are flying like a pro. So even if your piloting skills don’t quite match your photography prowess, you can still fly and film with confidence using the new ROVA Selfie Drone!


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